Friday, February 12, 2010

It's been a busy week!

We've done a lot this week! Monday we had a Mardi Gras playdate. My plan was to take a fruit pizza (sugar cookie crust, strawberry cream cheese spread, and sliced fruit)... so I busted out the new baking stone I got for Christmas. It came with no instructions, figured it didn't need any so I didn't google it. I remember that you're not suppose to do anything to it, just bake! So that's what I did... the crust became one with the stone. Eventually I got it up in tiny tiny pieces with a lot of elbow greats. But so much for my fruit pizza.. I took fruit salad!

Wednesday we went to the Children's Museum in downtown Houston. Admittedly, I was nervous. We haven't been to downtown since the day we closed on our house. There just hadn't been a good reason... no babysitter and when Evan was in the "crawl everywhere phase" it didn't work to go anywhere he couldn't get down. So off we went! I pride myself on being really good at directions.. I know my N, S, E, W no matter where I'm facing and I can figure out cities pretty good. But I will admit that the GPS is really nice and takes away having to read a piece of paper while trying to find your way for the first time. Although I need to learn it's timing... it was telling me to prepare to exit and to turn right... so I did... it meant the NEXT exit/right. So we took a little detour through the ghetto no biggie ;)

The boys had a BLAST! Evan just walked and walked and climbed and climbed! Jake enjoyed checking out all the little things they had that did stuff. I was worried it would be hard if both of them ran different directions (even though the Tot Spot is enclosed). Evan just takes off, Jake used to always be glued to my side but lately has taken to taking off as well. It was really crowded so it kept Jake to a 10 ft radius around where ever I was following Evan so it worked out okay. Plus we were there with the moms group... so we'd see each others kid every now and then.

Today we had a Valentines Party playdate. We made homemade heart crayons (from broken ones around here) as our valentines and I planned on making monkey bread. I even got all the stuff prepped the night before... biscuits quartered, sugar & cinnamon in a bag, the butter cut in the fridge & the brown sugar in a small pan waiting to be melted in the am. However, both boys woke up with the snots and Jake with a cough. Sooooo... no party for us :( Luckily the moms house we were going to is just a couple neighborhoods over so we're going to go drop off our goodies. I would just keep the monkey bread at home, but we just received our girl scout cookies... so no more junk is needed right now!

That's what we've been up to this week. Next week my mom is coming for a visit. She really really wanted to come see the boys and our new home. It'll be her first time on a plane in 20 years (and only 2nd time ever in her life) so should be interesting since I can't help her at the airport since she doesn't have a cellphone. How did we use to ever travel with out one?? I know the boys will be excited to see her and she's going to watch them since I finally found a doc and scheduled an appt for next Friday!

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