Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two boys in a tub!

In the last month it's become possible for the boys to take their bath together. Evan is old enough to not put his face in the water, can not fall over, etc... and Jake is a little more controlled in his water antics.

Their rooms share a bathroom. Actually they each have their own vanity in a little hallway off their room and then a tub & toilet room connect those.

In the past Evan got his bath right after his dinner and Jake took his in our bathroom later on in the evening (since he's way too loud in his fun to be right next to where Evan was sleeping).

Lately though with Evan totally eating table foods, two things were happening. First Jake wanted to eat when and what Evan ate. Second I needed to start incorporating Evan's meal as our meal. So it was time to change some things, and changing my routine/schedule is not funny business.

It used to be... 5pm Evan dinner, 5:30 Evan's bath (Greg home by this time), 6pm Evan bed and then I make dinner, 7:15pm Jake's bath, 8pm Jake bed.

So now... 5:30pm dinner for everyone (Greg hopefully home), 6pm bath for E & J, 6:30pm Evan bed, 8pm Jake bed.

The new one sounds simplier and easier right? Nope. Now it involves me cooking dinner alone with 2 little ones under my feet with the early evening whinies. It's not going very smoothly yet... but I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

Amazing how something so complex can be simple and something so simple can be complex!!
Oh and for the record... no bath toys needed. Just the empty bath wash bottles... seriously we have two so they can each have one... all other toys are ignored!


Kate said...

How cute! The beginnings of a tumultuous brotherly relationship....

April said...

That's so fun! I remember how excited Cate was when she could take a bath with Simon. I love sitting outside the bathroom and listening to the splashes and giggles of kids playing happily in the tub!

Cooking dinner with kids underfoot is so annoying! My kids stand around me like little puppy dogs waiting for me to give them a bite of something. By the time we sit down to dinner, they are usually already full :-)

ourbabymakesfour said...

So cute! I think doing everything at the same time must be much easier right?

Tys said...

I know, you'd think so wouldn't ya Jen... but no it's rather hellish right now!! Once we get the kinks worked out I'm sure it'll be much better... but I'm still floundering right now!

Megan said...

Aww, cute! I love it that my older two can bathe together, and I can't wait for baby T to join in the mix. It'll smooth out soon, I bet!