Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There's always a light at the end of the tunnel!

And hopefully it's not a train waiting to hit me! :)

The stroller was fixed for the moment and One Step Ahead is sending us new front wheels at no cost to us! YAY! Thought they'd have issues with it being a gift over a year ago and no warranty... but they were completely awesome about it! We literally use this stroller every single day. Okay there are moments when I just use the single stroller and Jake rides some sort of trike or bike.

Yesterday was a busy day! We got up, had breakfast, got ready for our day and were out the door by 8am.

Evan had his 15 mth well baby check up. He's still got a big ole noggin at 19 inches... I always say "not news to me"... which I realize is probably too much info since it's relating to me birthing him! But seriously, the doc thought he'd be out in 2-3 pushes and I remember sensing some puzzlement from her. He was out in about 5-7 pushes and once he was out she giggle... oh cute boy that's why you took a bit longer, you've got a big ole head! LOL!

He's 23 lbs and 31 1/2" long... his weight is steady but not like it used to be when he was an infant. But I don't care, this is one BUSY little dude and he eats all the time! Funny thing, like all docs, he's gotta whip out the growth charts (especially when they use formual feed ones for breastfed babies, idiots!). I really hate those things I think they should only be used if it's a failure to thrive or obesity situation. Some people get really wrapped up into them and get worried or get all gloaty. It's bizzarre to me and makes no sense. But if you're curious he's 50% for height and 35% for weight... which is even more bizzarre... but luckily I don't care one iota about those stupid charts so what.ev.! LOL! The important thing is that they're happy, healthy, alert, meeting milestones, etc... and Evan is certainly all those things!

The first thing the doc said into the check up was "Well, I normally ask if he's saying between 3-5 words clearly... but in the last 2 minutes I've been in here I've heard probably 10-15". Yah, he's a talker all right! The doc had Nemo hanging from the ceiling... "See the fish?" Evan just looked at him and said "Bird. Up. Sky"... he certainly has a point... the room is blue, the fish IS hanging from the ceiling over his head! hee hee!!

After the appt we headed to our friends L & M to pick them up to head downtown. It's fun having them with us, it cracks the boys up and we like to be able to navigate the city together (we're both newbies!). We went to a park called Discovery Green, it's right smack downtown (or what I'd call downtown, Houston has midtown and uptown as well... but it's all downtown to ME). It was a very pretty day, good for a picnic in the park! Evan true to form, ransacks everyone elses blanket for a fun snack, stealing fruit and crackers! It's a bit embarrassing, Jake NEVER would of done that (he's an introvert like Greg and I)... but charming confident ole Ev doesn't mind! And luckily we're with friends, so I hope they don't mind!

I don't have any pics because I forgot my camera! Oops! But picture green grass, lots of flowers, fountains, blue sky, shiny buildings, Jake with blurred legs (due to running around) and a wet Evan (due to said fountains) and you pretty much have a picture of a day!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Near tears today!

Just me, the boys already had tears today!

It was just one of those days from the first few seconds down to probably the last. Some days I just feel like a crappy mom. Ugh.

Fixing dinner during the whiniest part of the day (no matter how good or bad the day was... 4-5pm is the WORST hour! Followed by 5-6!) is just wretched. Seriously. So bad we've been lazy and have been getting take out more than normal.

But I HATE that we're doing that. Then that Jamie Oliver Food Revolution thing had to come on, reminded me how much I want to avoid fast food and processed crap that we call food nowadays.

So I gritted my teeth and pushed forward, tried putting on some music to get rid of the whinies and dance like crazy people but Evan just cried and Jake had a tantrum that he didn't want to listen to music. Or was it because he couldn't find Mr. Potato Head's arm to use as a microphone?? Either way, no happy ending there.

Still trying to fix dinner... it's just horrible. So I turn on the TV, that gave me like 15 mins to do something. But then I feel terrible for using the TV as a babysitter, like not only am I feeding my family crap... perhaps I can rot their brains too. Ugh.

I can't win.

They did eat however... with Jake in the highchair and Evan in the booster seat. Don't ask, it kept them happy and they actually ate. Although, no victory can be claimed because the TV was still on. Greg was not home either, have I mentioned how much I hate his promotion???? HATE IT.

The boys are bathing and Greg comes home. Informs me that I RAN OVER the freaking front wheel to the stroller. The Armada is so big, I didn't even feel any resistance. It's totally broke, and it's not the cheapy umbrella one either... it's the double stroller/sit n stand convertible one that was given to us as a present from my dad. We use it DAILY. It's now ruined :(

We're suppose to go downtown tomorrow for a picnic at a park. I need the sit n stand. Never know how far we'll have to park and walk... I don't like the idea of Jake not being contained. He's a good kid, but he's still a kid.

My library books are overdue and I really really need to get to the grocery store if there's to be any picnic downtown. Oh and Evan has his 15 mth appt at 8:30 tomorrow morning... so I'll need to get all this squared away before we head to the docs tomorrow.

UGH. Just ugh. What a day. I haven't wanted to cry in a looooong time... I've been about to about 4 times today... let's see what the evening has in store. Oh boy.

Edited to Add: Update on the stroller... Greg was able to man-handle it and rubber mallet hammer it into a workable (albeit a smidge ghetto) condition. Whew.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Maiden Voyage into the Land of Sew

A few weeks ago I had my first sewing "class" with my neighbor friend. She came over and showed me the ropes on my machine and then we went to her house to pick something out (pattern/project wise) for my first "thing". She was throwing lots at me, finally we decided on a tote bag... it looks so complicated and hard and I really wanted to just bail on sewing forever. But she repeatedly said that she totally thought it was something I could handle.

I've spent the time in between getting my fabric and fretting. Whoever thought a fabric store with 50+ yr old women could be so intimidating. I sat down once to practice and I knotted the thread up in about 2 stitches. Eeek! I hope that wasn't a sign of some sort.

Last night we had another class... she even brought with her a cutting mat and roller cutter.. awesome! My little thread fiasco was easy to fix, whew. Then I proceed in sewing the pieces together. She left after about an hour and I think I had enough instructions to last me. I just got done doing some sewing on my own (so scary! lol!) and thought I'd blog about it.

The pics are of the project (a tote bag) and my progress thus far! Of course like everything I do, I had to tweak it (you'd think on my first project I'd just back off for once), I didn't want it so long, so I took out one row of rectangles to make it shorter. The pieces are all black, white, blue and tan... pretty much colors I wear as a base the most. Thought that way I could have a better chance of using the bag. The handles, sides, and bottom will be the black on black floral and the inside will be the blue. I think with the colors and making it smaller will make it a little less country and more chic... it'll be my chic tote ;)

Fun! So far so good, think I might have to knock on her door this week though. I think I messed up a bit on one of the rows... wonder if it'll work itself out or if me and a seam ripper need to become good friends. We'll see! This gal is so great, I need to do something special for her as a thank you... or maybe even a little thank you in between. I swear this project is going to take me A VERY LONG time at the rate I'm going. BUT I WILL LEARN THIS! I WILL!! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh Easter tree, oh easter tree...

How lovely are your branches... wait? what? Easter tree you say??

Yep, Easter Tree!! I remember making and having one as a kid and have been planning this in the back of my mind for awhile now.

About a month ago I went walking the uncleared lots near us (I think I embarassed Greg) to find the perfect twig/small branch. Things down here grow so long and narrow.. since they never have winter to be dormant. But I finally found one that while not perfect, would do the job!

Then I spent the last month trying to remember to buy white spray paint... then when I'd actually remember it the place I was at didn't sell spray paint (ie the grocery store, JoAnns, and Target) and when I was at Hobby Lobby it was under lock and key and the line was a million miles long.

Yesterday we went to Lowe's and I finally got some and a pot too! I already had floral foam to stick the bottom of the "tree" into the pot and bought some moss at JoAnns recently. The boys actually took naps that were longer than an hour and I was able to get the entire project done!

I'm happy with it! I need a nice easter/spring runner/placemat for under it, but overall I'm happy with how it looks. Now I just need to go find another branch/twig because I want to do one in black for Halloween next year, but I'll probably wait until Sept to worry about it ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What we've been up to, but no pics yet!

Still running around at break neck speed (for me!) :)

Monday was Jake's first dentist appt ever! I really had zero clue of what to expect for him or out of him! Greg and I also needed appts so I got it so the 3 of us could go while M was here to watch Evan.

What I had in mind was when one of us was getting cleaned/checked out, the other was with Jake answering any questions or whatever. I thought I explained that to the office. BUT when it was time they took Greg one way and me another... so Jake came with me. They didn't seem alarmed by this at all... who brings a THREE year old to their dentist appt?? They have TV screens that move so you can watch, but they flipped it around for him to watch Nemo on a barstool. I'm invisioning how much this is NOT going to work.

Color me surprised! He sat there the whole time and watched the movie or asked the dentist questions. Then it was his turn. He got right in the chair, they put sunglasses on him for the bright light and he let her clean his entire mouth! I can barely get him to open it for more than 30 seconds at night and that's with me using the toothbrush as a crowbar to pry his mouth open. I was sure we were going to get bad news or something... but she said everything looked perfect! So all the people that looooove to tell me how terrible it is that my boys are thumbsuckers can just shut it. She said that she couldn't even tell and doesn't see any damage. With her being the mom of 3 little ones (all 5 and younger) and a dentist, I take stock in that.

Greg and I got clean bills of dental health as well! Evan had fun with Aunt M and we spent the rest of the day playing!

Tuesday we headed off to Galveston in the morning! The plan was to get there, find a playground to get the wiggles out, then go eat lunch, and THEN go to the beach. Cause I knew they'd get very dirty! It was a beautiful sunny in the 70's day... found a playground a block from the beach. Perfect! Went to "Fish Tales" for a place to eat it was all windows on the side facing the water. Perfect! Got us at a non-pub style tables, ordered the boys food asap, their food arrived along with our cups of soup (mine chowder, M's gumbo!). Perfect! Then it happened, Evan wanted to stick his hand in my soup, I removed his hand and told him no-no. He then proceeded to scream bloody murder the entire rest of the time. I'm not exagerating on bit. High pitch, angry, kicking, red faced all out screaming. This is extremely odd for Evan, usually you can easily distract with food. He wanted nothing to do with anything. So that wasn't perfect at all. However, Jake WAS perfect... he ate a great lunch and enjoyed the scoop of ice cream for dessert!

Off to the beach! The boys loved it. It was Evan's first steps in the ocean, so happy to be there for them since I missed Jake's last summer (he went with Greg and M last July). They were both one big neverending mess :) We stayed about an hour then it was nap time, so we de-sanded as much as we could and back home we went!

Got home in time for me to head out for my hair appt, I got some highlights... haven't had them since about 2002 I think! I like it.

Once Greg got home M and I picked up one of my friends and we went to a place off Lake Houston, sat outside, had margaritas and fish tacos. Yum!

It was a good day, can't wait to share the pics once I nab them off her camera :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things get hectic when the hermit gets social!

LOL! Okay, I've never been a "hermit" but I would never go so far as to call myself a "social butterfly" either.
But when you meet people, especially ones you like... then you just get busy. Then add in visitors, doing stuff around the house-backyard-etc, and of course those two wonderful boys... well, things just get busy. Playdates, holiday parties, birthdays, meet ups at places like the zoo, getting together with neighobors, family events, errands (the boys outgrow everything at once I swear!), shopping, etc....

I'm more of an introvert and it used to be that too many social things or group things wore me out and was not always enjoyed (Greg is the same way, so it works for us). Not sure if I've morphed a little due to motherhood, finding my comfort zone, or what... but I kind of like our current/enjoy pace. I feel insane to say that, because for some I'm sure we aren't THAT busy... but for me when we have multiple things going on every day... that's ALOT for me.

On top of all that I feel my brain is a little taxed lately... I'm trying to learn to sew. It's my goal for 2010. I need a hobby... I love to read and consider it a hobby... but I need something with more tangible results, something that challenges me. My inlaws got me a wonderful Singer sewing machine for Christmas. I wasn't sure what direction to go with how to learn. Classes seemed logical... but everything I could find around here was like Tues 2-5pm or Wed 9-12... who in hell can go at those odd times???? Then Feb kicked off with the ladies on my street getting together for Bunko (they spell it with a K, I know most spell with a C... but I just roll with it). The lady that organized it is/was a Home Ec teacher and offered to teach me! Yay! By the time we were able to get our schedules coordinated we just had our first session a couple of fridays ago. She had me sewing straight stitches on my own machine and started me off with a pattern for a little bag. Well, I wanted something that challenged me, I definite got that. I'm pretty overwhelmed. She said she'd go to the fabric store with me (and the boys) during the day one day... but again scheduling issues... so I went alone. Got home to figure out I didn't get everything I need. Ugh! I still need HELP! But am determined to get this figured out... but have had zero time since then to even try to sew again!

Then we have our front and backyard. With the new patio I now want flowers, bushes, trees, vines, etc... in the back (and have high hopes for alot of feathered visitors as well!!). For the front, the "long, cold, harsh winter" in Houston this year killed my 2 big Azaela bushes. Oops. It only got below freezing a few times, so it didn't seem alarming to me. I'm used to that when it gets cold... either your annuals die and you always get new, or the other stuff just comes back in the spring. Sooo... we ended up with two very dead things on either side of the house in the front. I've been reading any/every book I can about gardening/landscaping in this climate/area. My brain is really feeling it. It's so different and I'm trying to stick to just native stuff (for maintenance ease and it's a little more 'green' to do)... but also nothing poisionous (so that eliminates quite a few things believe it or not) and things that have blooms for longer than just spring (I mean we can be outside so much longer, might as well take advantage of it).

I'm still trying to hone my inner Martha in the kitchen/home... it's going... perhaps not well... I have a ton of failures with recipes/meals/etc. But I keep trying... it's super frustrated... I want to just give in and BUY something premade but am really trying make stuff. However, for the record, take out doesn't count.. LOL. Ok, ok, I know it counts... but like I said I'm TRYING. Again, this is something that does not come natural to me. I also find it super hard to cook and bake with 2 little ones... trying to plan on how to open the oven at the exact time Evan will NOT be near it. How to mix stuff w/o there being a HUGE meltdown with one of the boys. Let alone acquiring all the ingrediants at the store... yah, I make lists... but somehow I STILL forget to buy it. I jacked up my baking stone, I scorched a pan beyond use, I some how turned a nonstick pan into the worse pan ever to cook with, my panty isn't organized anymore (thanks to 4 little hands that like to move things around)... but hey (shrugs shoulders), I'm trying :)

So I guess my whole point is... things get hectic when the hermit gets social... and the brain gets overtaxed when trying to learn/do too many new things at once!
On another fun note... we had our first non family/friend babysitter last night. Greg, his sister M (in town visiting this week), me and some friends met up for some sushi and wine in downtown last night. It was a great time. I put Evan to bed before we left, and so the babysitter just had to hang with Jake for about an hour or so, and then put him to bed too. She said she couldn't believe how easy he was for her, that he did great. The only thing was that she didn't have him go potty before bed. She said "I asked him and he said he didn't have to"... I internally laughed my butt off... you NEVER ask him anything in question form and expect anything other than a NO answer unless it involves something sweet! So we did have to wake him up before we went to bed for him to potty so as to not wet the bed! We've never done that with him before either, and he did great... just pottied and went right back to bed, no questions asked! M took pics with her camera, so I'll have to get some from her before she leaves... but for now... this is a pic of her and I :) We always have so much fun hanging out... we're constantly trying to get her to move here... we're about 2 steps away from a powerpoint presentation! LOL :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The "I Love You" sign

In our family we use the sign language sign for "I Love You" a lot. It originally started when my precious cousin that has Downs Syndrome started using sign language to help her communicate as a toddler with her family. We'd always do the "I Love You" sign as pulling out of the drive way or across the room. Greg and I just picked it up to use as well. Works to do through windows/cars when no one can hear you anyways! Then it just became a habit and we do it when he leaves for work, or when ones of us heads to bed and the other stays awake. So naturally it became a big part of Jake's life too, and we started doing it even more! He used to just do it with his pointer finger stuck up... then he could do the whole sign on his own. It sort of evolved to each person doing the "I Love You" sign but touching the fingers together if we're in close proximity to the other person. Like when putting Jake down for a nap or bedtime.

Well, lo and behold Mr. Big Stuff has picked it up too and it's super cute! He does it with a full flat hand in more of a "Hail Hitler" type stance (LMAO!)... but it's unbelievabling heart melting when he does it. Before time for "beddy-bye" he runs over to Jake and does it, Jake does the sign and Evan reaches out to touch it with his palm. He grins super big then runs over to Greg to do it.

Then we head to his bedroom (he must walk down the hall alone, he doesn't want to be carried) he goes in and turns the lamp on (a touch lamp) then we read books in the rocking chair and sing a good time song. He usually starts to suck his thumb and then I lay him down in his crib, lay his blanket over him and turn on his rainforest crib toy. Now he sucks his left thumb, but his right hand is also up there too. I don't know how to explain it, and the only time he does it is in the car or falling asleep so getting a picture is near impossible. But it came from when he was like 2 months old, he'd prop the right hand up to help hold his left thumb in his mouth. Now the right hand is just sort of folded into the left hand under his nose.

So now once he's laying all snug in his crib, I tell him that "Mama, Daddy, and Jake love you very very much, sleep tight little man" while running my hand through his hair and down his cheek. This little right hand unfolds from the "position", sticks straight up into the air for the last "I Love You". So I do the sign and touch my pointer and pinky finger to his. He squeezes my fingertips a little and it's just a nice cozy moment. He folds his hand back into the other and I close the door, stealing one last glimpse of his big brown eyes watching me leave but content to be going to bed. Sometimes he'll give me one last "I Love You" with his little hand.
Sometimes it is just more than words.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Patio is done!

98% of you have already seen the completed project on Facebook. But I know there are one or two people not on FB yet... so I'll post a pic or two here as well. So sorry to those that have seen pics there AND in person ;)

So happy to have the project complete! We got some bigger plants last weekend... now I just need lots of pots of flowers to top it off! Hosted playgroup on Monday and had some people outside, it got rave reviews, thanks girls :) Then the "yellow snow" (aka pollen) came and dusted everything yellow... everything I just scrubed all weekend... the patio set, the grill, etc... We're already enjoying it tons! Come visit and we'll hang out on it!

It makes a HUGE difference and we're glad that we had an idea and made it happen!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Houston Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the zoo with our moms group. The forecast was threatening cooler temps and thunderstorms. But nothing ever came of it, it was a nice day for the most part. I still need to get used to the intense humidity... but otherwise, nice :)

Since I have a bus... okay, an Armada... I offered to carpool with our friends L&M. It made the drive fun and it didn't feel like I was driving into the city and no one would know if we dissappeared!

All the boys looked so cute in the car, I'll have to get pic's from L that she took of them. The bigger boys were in the very back with Ev in one of the middle seats. They watched Bugs Life on the way down.

We saw the elephants getting a bath, giraffes eating, little meerkats scurring about, lounging lions, surprisingly majestic vultures, silly monkeys, graceful jaguars, pacing bears, and cute seals to name a few! The Zoo was nice too, had lots of enclosures, sun/rain shades, huge trees, canopies, and lots and lots of plant growth! I felt like I was on vacation somewhere different!

The boys did good as an average... Jake great, Evan okay. Evan is just at the point right now where he wants to ruuuuunnnnn and never stop (unless it's to eat). So being strapped into the stroller after a 45 min car ride of being strapped into the carseat wasn't jiving with him. But overall he did great too. For lunch L and I were wandering around... tables were crowded and right in the thick of all the foot traffic. Then we came upon this canopy/shelter of sorts... that they obviously use for larger outdoor functions. I checked the sign to make sure it wasn't reserved and it wasn't. It was perfect because there was a fence around it, then a huge concrete "floor" with benches around it. The kids could run and eat, run and eat, and get the wiggles out. The rest of the moms caught up and joined us as well. I think we were there an hour!

On the way out we did those little penny things for a souvineer! Jake got one with a bear (because he remember that exhibit the most due to one of the bears napping below, he was concerned about it) and Evan got one with a meerkat since those were the only ones that was at the right eye level for him to see in the stroller and he laughed and pointed at them :)

All boys slept on the way home. Of course that was only like 30 mins and then neither were going to sleep anymore once we were home. So the afternoon was rather longish and I could of taken a nap standing up... but it was well worth it. Especially when Greg got home (which by the way was super late and I still hate his new job) and Jake could tell him all about it!!

Didn't take very good pictures though. Not sure what my deal is... between dealing with both boys, navigating, etc (and not to put any blame on the boys but they always turn their heads when the camera comes out and they never stay still! lol!)... I'm lucky to snap a couple here and there... and it's when they're interested in something. So most are of the backs of their heads or with unthoughtout backgrounds. Gonna try to get better about it now that I'm starting to see how bad the pics are... not one is frame worthy! Ugh! Although the one with his little friend A on the fence is super cute! Oh well, guess we'll just have to go back soon and try again :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mr. Big Stuff!

Evan will be 15 mths old next week! This boy does NOT want to stay a baby at all. He cracks us all up, even Jake. Jake will say "Oh, you're such a silly lil guy!"

You have to just see Evan walking (okay running, climbing, stomping, etc) and I swear this is his theme song (miss the "your never gonna get my love" parts)

He's just Mr. Big Stuff to the fullest! And while he was born a week early at 9lbs 3oz and 22"... I don't mean in size... it's all attitude and personality!! He's full of various expressions, noises, he's rough & tumble... but still likes to snuggle with mama (although he calls me Dee-Dee now, I have no clue). One of his favorite things to do is EAT... and all food is "crackers" and he wants "crackers" all the time!! He plays with Jakes toys... no baby ones for this baby! He loves being outside and tries to escape whenever there's an open door. "Side! Side!" and his other favorite thing outside is "slide! slide!" which he just barrels himself down... even the 8 ft high ones... he doesn't care!!
Love my Mr. Big Stuff!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm beat!

Our influx of visitors continues! Greg's parents arrived Saturday morning. We all had fun hanging out! It was a beautiful weekend! Made lots of yummy meals. They left this morning to drive to places like San Antonio and Austin, then will back here Thursday night, flying out on Friday morning.

This morning we had a playdate. It was so nice of her to have us over, even though her sweetie pie is about 7 mths. Jake was very cute and packed his backpack with some big kid toys to share. Evan became the official baby-proofing inspector. Was luckily able to distract him with food though, lol :)

Jake feel asleep for 5 whole minutes on the way home and did not nap today. So going to try to put him to bed early in a bit. I did try to organize my closet. I'm hopeless in the closet, so messy :( It's just that I can't just grab something and go, it takes about 5-8 tries to come up with an outfit that everything either fits is clean and then also goes with the other half of the outfit. I swear it really IS rocket science some days. So I don't have time to hang stuff back up... I have two cute urchins pulling at me and not wanting to play. I just grab and go, grab and go. Well they did let me remove everything from my closet floor and hang on hangers to put back in. So better than nothing.

Greg got home super late tonight, I hate his new job already and he's not even in it yet. He was even busy over the weekend... I loathe it. I know I'm going to have to get over it and some families do that all the time. But I hate it, yes hate.

Uh-oh I hear Jake screaming about something... I'm sure no nap today is not helping it... better go see what's up.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Been Busy! Having fun I guess :)

Wow, Thursday already?? How'd that happen. Although, we've been so busy I swore for a few seconds this morning that it was Friday! Nope!

All week Greg has been having to leave super early for work, like 6am and hasn't been getting home until about the normal 6pm. So that's been different. Found out we dodged a big bullet. The current career path for after his current job was either a heaquarters job in Fairfax (please no, I DO NOT want to me AT ALL) or a unit owner job here (please no, it's a 24/7 on call job - Greg knows one guy that's a unit owner and he hasn't had a day off since Thanksgiving!!!).

So either way it sucks. It was hoping to be in his current job for about 2 years (he's a supervisor for engineering projects with about 15 employees) to give headquarters enough time to move here (they've broken ground and have hired the construction team). Because that'd be a special kind of hell to relocate to Fairfax only to turn around and come back in a year or two. Plus, I'd be in a padded cell... totally NOT joking either. To be a unit owner... it runs 24/7/365 so he'd have about 35 employees but working day AND night. So if anything goes wrong, he'd have to be notified... whenever.doesn't matter. I don't like THAT either.

But, got word this week... he's going to be a unit owner. Not happy about it, but glad we're not moving. He hasn't even been in this job for 11 mths. Sooo... that's what's up with that.

Let's see... Monday we had a friend over that we hadn't seen in awhile. Tuesday morning was just a bad morning... nothing terrible, just one of those UGH starts to the day! Had another friend over in the afternoon so she could borrow my peanut shell sling. She wanted me to put her baby in it so she could see how it's suppose to look/work... so in I popped this sweet little girl... and she was loving it. It was fun to be wearing her! BUT it didn't give me baby fever though... not yet... whew :)

Wednesday we went to a playdate, loads of fun... made an edible sugar-rific necklace for Jake... which he ate after he finished his lunch today, lol! While we were gone they came and prepped the old & new concrete for the stamping. Last night was my monthly bunko night with the ladies on my street. It was fun! I won the prize for the most wins, woo-hoo! Go me!

Today it's absolutely beautiful out. So we went on a much longer walk than normal to check out another playground... wow what a hike pushing a double stroller. Made it there where Evan proceeded to pretty much eat dirt and demand to slide down the 6-8 ft slide! Jake whacked his head on a pole, bit his lip and cut his chin. Then after all that fun we hauled butt back home. Not sure whether I can consider it a successful outing or not, lol. Came home to find them working on the patio... this time laying down a white concrete of sort and then randomly putting down a texture pattern. Oh and underneath it they laid down this gel/tape type stuff to create the individual pieces of flagstone. Neat! Not sure if they're done today or what... but now all that's left is the staining! Cool!

Tonight I'm hosting Mom's Night In for the group. Love hangin with these ladies! So I gotta wrap this up and get back to cleaning!

Tomorrow bright and early in the morning we have Lil Gym with the group... the boys love it. Then our Friday night plans will be cleaning the rest of the house because Greg's parents are arriving on Saturday to stay a couple nights.

Busy, busy, busy!!