Thursday, March 4, 2010

Been Busy! Having fun I guess :)

Wow, Thursday already?? How'd that happen. Although, we've been so busy I swore for a few seconds this morning that it was Friday! Nope!

All week Greg has been having to leave super early for work, like 6am and hasn't been getting home until about the normal 6pm. So that's been different. Found out we dodged a big bullet. The current career path for after his current job was either a heaquarters job in Fairfax (please no, I DO NOT want to me AT ALL) or a unit owner job here (please no, it's a 24/7 on call job - Greg knows one guy that's a unit owner and he hasn't had a day off since Thanksgiving!!!).

So either way it sucks. It was hoping to be in his current job for about 2 years (he's a supervisor for engineering projects with about 15 employees) to give headquarters enough time to move here (they've broken ground and have hired the construction team). Because that'd be a special kind of hell to relocate to Fairfax only to turn around and come back in a year or two. Plus, I'd be in a padded cell... totally NOT joking either. To be a unit owner... it runs 24/7/365 so he'd have about 35 employees but working day AND night. So if anything goes wrong, he'd have to be notified... whenever.doesn't matter. I don't like THAT either.

But, got word this week... he's going to be a unit owner. Not happy about it, but glad we're not moving. He hasn't even been in this job for 11 mths. Sooo... that's what's up with that.

Let's see... Monday we had a friend over that we hadn't seen in awhile. Tuesday morning was just a bad morning... nothing terrible, just one of those UGH starts to the day! Had another friend over in the afternoon so she could borrow my peanut shell sling. She wanted me to put her baby in it so she could see how it's suppose to look/work... so in I popped this sweet little girl... and she was loving it. It was fun to be wearing her! BUT it didn't give me baby fever though... not yet... whew :)

Wednesday we went to a playdate, loads of fun... made an edible sugar-rific necklace for Jake... which he ate after he finished his lunch today, lol! While we were gone they came and prepped the old & new concrete for the stamping. Last night was my monthly bunko night with the ladies on my street. It was fun! I won the prize for the most wins, woo-hoo! Go me!

Today it's absolutely beautiful out. So we went on a much longer walk than normal to check out another playground... wow what a hike pushing a double stroller. Made it there where Evan proceeded to pretty much eat dirt and demand to slide down the 6-8 ft slide! Jake whacked his head on a pole, bit his lip and cut his chin. Then after all that fun we hauled butt back home. Not sure whether I can consider it a successful outing or not, lol. Came home to find them working on the patio... this time laying down a white concrete of sort and then randomly putting down a texture pattern. Oh and underneath it they laid down this gel/tape type stuff to create the individual pieces of flagstone. Neat! Not sure if they're done today or what... but now all that's left is the staining! Cool!

Tonight I'm hosting Mom's Night In for the group. Love hangin with these ladies! So I gotta wrap this up and get back to cleaning!

Tomorrow bright and early in the morning we have Lil Gym with the group... the boys love it. Then our Friday night plans will be cleaning the rest of the house because Greg's parents are arriving on Saturday to stay a couple nights.

Busy, busy, busy!!

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