Thursday, March 11, 2010

Houston Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the zoo with our moms group. The forecast was threatening cooler temps and thunderstorms. But nothing ever came of it, it was a nice day for the most part. I still need to get used to the intense humidity... but otherwise, nice :)

Since I have a bus... okay, an Armada... I offered to carpool with our friends L&M. It made the drive fun and it didn't feel like I was driving into the city and no one would know if we dissappeared!

All the boys looked so cute in the car, I'll have to get pic's from L that she took of them. The bigger boys were in the very back with Ev in one of the middle seats. They watched Bugs Life on the way down.

We saw the elephants getting a bath, giraffes eating, little meerkats scurring about, lounging lions, surprisingly majestic vultures, silly monkeys, graceful jaguars, pacing bears, and cute seals to name a few! The Zoo was nice too, had lots of enclosures, sun/rain shades, huge trees, canopies, and lots and lots of plant growth! I felt like I was on vacation somewhere different!

The boys did good as an average... Jake great, Evan okay. Evan is just at the point right now where he wants to ruuuuunnnnn and never stop (unless it's to eat). So being strapped into the stroller after a 45 min car ride of being strapped into the carseat wasn't jiving with him. But overall he did great too. For lunch L and I were wandering around... tables were crowded and right in the thick of all the foot traffic. Then we came upon this canopy/shelter of sorts... that they obviously use for larger outdoor functions. I checked the sign to make sure it wasn't reserved and it wasn't. It was perfect because there was a fence around it, then a huge concrete "floor" with benches around it. The kids could run and eat, run and eat, and get the wiggles out. The rest of the moms caught up and joined us as well. I think we were there an hour!

On the way out we did those little penny things for a souvineer! Jake got one with a bear (because he remember that exhibit the most due to one of the bears napping below, he was concerned about it) and Evan got one with a meerkat since those were the only ones that was at the right eye level for him to see in the stroller and he laughed and pointed at them :)

All boys slept on the way home. Of course that was only like 30 mins and then neither were going to sleep anymore once we were home. So the afternoon was rather longish and I could of taken a nap standing up... but it was well worth it. Especially when Greg got home (which by the way was super late and I still hate his new job) and Jake could tell him all about it!!

Didn't take very good pictures though. Not sure what my deal is... between dealing with both boys, navigating, etc (and not to put any blame on the boys but they always turn their heads when the camera comes out and they never stay still! lol!)... I'm lucky to snap a couple here and there... and it's when they're interested in something. So most are of the backs of their heads or with unthoughtout backgrounds. Gonna try to get better about it now that I'm starting to see how bad the pics are... not one is frame worthy! Ugh! Although the one with his little friend A on the fence is super cute! Oh well, guess we'll just have to go back soon and try again :)

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Anonymous said...

T ~ Really enjoyed reading your blog about the zoo. I loved how you described each of the animals. Thanks for the pics too. Much Love, Aunt J