Thursday, March 18, 2010

The "I Love You" sign

In our family we use the sign language sign for "I Love You" a lot. It originally started when my precious cousin that has Downs Syndrome started using sign language to help her communicate as a toddler with her family. We'd always do the "I Love You" sign as pulling out of the drive way or across the room. Greg and I just picked it up to use as well. Works to do through windows/cars when no one can hear you anyways! Then it just became a habit and we do it when he leaves for work, or when ones of us heads to bed and the other stays awake. So naturally it became a big part of Jake's life too, and we started doing it even more! He used to just do it with his pointer finger stuck up... then he could do the whole sign on his own. It sort of evolved to each person doing the "I Love You" sign but touching the fingers together if we're in close proximity to the other person. Like when putting Jake down for a nap or bedtime.

Well, lo and behold Mr. Big Stuff has picked it up too and it's super cute! He does it with a full flat hand in more of a "Hail Hitler" type stance (LMAO!)... but it's unbelievabling heart melting when he does it. Before time for "beddy-bye" he runs over to Jake and does it, Jake does the sign and Evan reaches out to touch it with his palm. He grins super big then runs over to Greg to do it.

Then we head to his bedroom (he must walk down the hall alone, he doesn't want to be carried) he goes in and turns the lamp on (a touch lamp) then we read books in the rocking chair and sing a good time song. He usually starts to suck his thumb and then I lay him down in his crib, lay his blanket over him and turn on his rainforest crib toy. Now he sucks his left thumb, but his right hand is also up there too. I don't know how to explain it, and the only time he does it is in the car or falling asleep so getting a picture is near impossible. But it came from when he was like 2 months old, he'd prop the right hand up to help hold his left thumb in his mouth. Now the right hand is just sort of folded into the left hand under his nose.

So now once he's laying all snug in his crib, I tell him that "Mama, Daddy, and Jake love you very very much, sleep tight little man" while running my hand through his hair and down his cheek. This little right hand unfolds from the "position", sticks straight up into the air for the last "I Love You". So I do the sign and touch my pointer and pinky finger to his. He squeezes my fingertips a little and it's just a nice cozy moment. He folds his hand back into the other and I close the door, stealing one last glimpse of his big brown eyes watching me leave but content to be going to bed. Sometimes he'll give me one last "I Love You" with his little hand.
Sometimes it is just more than words.


Ellie Davis said...

makes me tear sweet! My mom and I have the "I love you" sign routine everytime we are leaving each other (i.e. they leave out of the driveway after staying here from out of town vice/versa OR when i'm going in for surgery etc etc). We picked it up when I went away to college. You kiddos WILL remember this and they are amazingly "small" moments that are the biggest of importance in life! special. I know the connection my mom and I have and that silent special sign can mean SOOOO much. ~hugs

shelley c. said...

That is SO sweet!!! And love how the little man "made it his own" LOL!

Megan said...

Oh, Tys, that is so, so sweet. It totally warms my heart. Thanks. :)

Kelly said...

That is so sweet! I love it. :)

ourbabymakesfour said...

awwww! I love the "I love you" sign. But we do the longer one... and Lila still hasn't "gotten" it so maybe we should try the shorter one. What a heartwarming post <3

Anonymous said...
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