Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm beat!

Our influx of visitors continues! Greg's parents arrived Saturday morning. We all had fun hanging out! It was a beautiful weekend! Made lots of yummy meals. They left this morning to drive to places like San Antonio and Austin, then will back here Thursday night, flying out on Friday morning.

This morning we had a playdate. It was so nice of her to have us over, even though her sweetie pie is about 7 mths. Jake was very cute and packed his backpack with some big kid toys to share. Evan became the official baby-proofing inspector. Was luckily able to distract him with food though, lol :)

Jake feel asleep for 5 whole minutes on the way home and did not nap today. So going to try to put him to bed early in a bit. I did try to organize my closet. I'm hopeless in the closet, so messy :( It's just that I can't just grab something and go, it takes about 5-8 tries to come up with an outfit that everything either fits is clean and then also goes with the other half of the outfit. I swear it really IS rocket science some days. So I don't have time to hang stuff back up... I have two cute urchins pulling at me and not wanting to play. I just grab and go, grab and go. Well they did let me remove everything from my closet floor and hang on hangers to put back in. So better than nothing.

Greg got home super late tonight, I hate his new job already and he's not even in it yet. He was even busy over the weekend... I loathe it. I know I'm going to have to get over it and some families do that all the time. But I hate it, yes hate.

Uh-oh I hear Jake screaming about something... I'm sure no nap today is not helping it... better go see what's up.


Kate said...

You need a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine or two (or three!)

Liz said...

I was sorry to miss the playdate today. You're life is crazy right now. Hang in there! :-)