Monday, March 29, 2010

Near tears today!

Just me, the boys already had tears today!

It was just one of those days from the first few seconds down to probably the last. Some days I just feel like a crappy mom. Ugh.

Fixing dinner during the whiniest part of the day (no matter how good or bad the day was... 4-5pm is the WORST hour! Followed by 5-6!) is just wretched. Seriously. So bad we've been lazy and have been getting take out more than normal.

But I HATE that we're doing that. Then that Jamie Oliver Food Revolution thing had to come on, reminded me how much I want to avoid fast food and processed crap that we call food nowadays.

So I gritted my teeth and pushed forward, tried putting on some music to get rid of the whinies and dance like crazy people but Evan just cried and Jake had a tantrum that he didn't want to listen to music. Or was it because he couldn't find Mr. Potato Head's arm to use as a microphone?? Either way, no happy ending there.

Still trying to fix dinner... it's just horrible. So I turn on the TV, that gave me like 15 mins to do something. But then I feel terrible for using the TV as a babysitter, like not only am I feeding my family crap... perhaps I can rot their brains too. Ugh.

I can't win.

They did eat however... with Jake in the highchair and Evan in the booster seat. Don't ask, it kept them happy and they actually ate. Although, no victory can be claimed because the TV was still on. Greg was not home either, have I mentioned how much I hate his promotion???? HATE IT.

The boys are bathing and Greg comes home. Informs me that I RAN OVER the freaking front wheel to the stroller. The Armada is so big, I didn't even feel any resistance. It's totally broke, and it's not the cheapy umbrella one either... it's the double stroller/sit n stand convertible one that was given to us as a present from my dad. We use it DAILY. It's now ruined :(

We're suppose to go downtown tomorrow for a picnic at a park. I need the sit n stand. Never know how far we'll have to park and walk... I don't like the idea of Jake not being contained. He's a good kid, but he's still a kid.

My library books are overdue and I really really need to get to the grocery store if there's to be any picnic downtown. Oh and Evan has his 15 mth appt at 8:30 tomorrow morning... so I'll need to get all this squared away before we head to the docs tomorrow.

UGH. Just ugh. What a day. I haven't wanted to cry in a looooong time... I've been about to about 4 times today... let's see what the evening has in store. Oh boy.

Edited to Add: Update on the stroller... Greg was able to man-handle it and rubber mallet hammer it into a workable (albeit a smidge ghetto) condition. Whew.


Anonymous said...

Hang in T. It can only get better! Love, Aunt J

Bethany said...

If it makes you feel any better, I pick up the kids after school and as is daily, Braden cried, due to wanting to go outside immediately, while I prepped a casserole for dinner. I thought I was doing so good, cooking dinner, being able to put it in the oven so I could take them outside(zach still at work). But let me tell you he didn't care and didn't want to wait!! You are not alone :)

shelley c. said...


Ellie said...

hugs hugs hugs my friend! If I had a double stroller I would drive it over to you RIGHT now! Hope you get a good night's sleep and tomorrow gets better!! if not..there is always wine :)

Anonymous said...

SO true about the hours of 4-6p.m......we call those hours "the withching hours" .....hang in there....We all use the t.v. and ordertake out more than we should :) Steph

Kate said...

Sometimes a good, hard...............................cry is just what we need.

ourbabymakesfour said...

oh tyson, i know we both had bad mondays this week. i hope your week got better... mine did. we really need to lean on eachother, we are right around the corner!