Monday, March 15, 2010

The Patio is done!

98% of you have already seen the completed project on Facebook. But I know there are one or two people not on FB yet... so I'll post a pic or two here as well. So sorry to those that have seen pics there AND in person ;)

So happy to have the project complete! We got some bigger plants last weekend... now I just need lots of pots of flowers to top it off! Hosted playgroup on Monday and had some people outside, it got rave reviews, thanks girls :) Then the "yellow snow" (aka pollen) came and dusted everything yellow... everything I just scrubed all weekend... the patio set, the grill, etc... We're already enjoying it tons! Come visit and we'll hang out on it!

It makes a HUGE difference and we're glad that we had an idea and made it happen!


ourbabymakesfour said...

I love it! It looks awesome!

Ayelet said...

What a great outdoor living room you have! I love it :)