Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There's always a light at the end of the tunnel!

And hopefully it's not a train waiting to hit me! :)

The stroller was fixed for the moment and One Step Ahead is sending us new front wheels at no cost to us! YAY! Thought they'd have issues with it being a gift over a year ago and no warranty... but they were completely awesome about it! We literally use this stroller every single day. Okay there are moments when I just use the single stroller and Jake rides some sort of trike or bike.

Yesterday was a busy day! We got up, had breakfast, got ready for our day and were out the door by 8am.

Evan had his 15 mth well baby check up. He's still got a big ole noggin at 19 inches... I always say "not news to me"... which I realize is probably too much info since it's relating to me birthing him! But seriously, the doc thought he'd be out in 2-3 pushes and I remember sensing some puzzlement from her. He was out in about 5-7 pushes and once he was out she giggle... oh cute boy that's why you took a bit longer, you've got a big ole head! LOL!

He's 23 lbs and 31 1/2" long... his weight is steady but not like it used to be when he was an infant. But I don't care, this is one BUSY little dude and he eats all the time! Funny thing, like all docs, he's gotta whip out the growth charts (especially when they use formual feed ones for breastfed babies, idiots!). I really hate those things I think they should only be used if it's a failure to thrive or obesity situation. Some people get really wrapped up into them and get worried or get all gloaty. It's bizzarre to me and makes no sense. But if you're curious he's 50% for height and 35% for weight... which is even more bizzarre... but luckily I don't care one iota about those stupid charts so what.ev.! LOL! The important thing is that they're happy, healthy, alert, meeting milestones, etc... and Evan is certainly all those things!

The first thing the doc said into the check up was "Well, I normally ask if he's saying between 3-5 words clearly... but in the last 2 minutes I've been in here I've heard probably 10-15". Yah, he's a talker all right! The doc had Nemo hanging from the ceiling... "See the fish?" Evan just looked at him and said "Bird. Up. Sky"... he certainly has a point... the room is blue, the fish IS hanging from the ceiling over his head! hee hee!!

After the appt we headed to our friends L & M to pick them up to head downtown. It's fun having them with us, it cracks the boys up and we like to be able to navigate the city together (we're both newbies!). We went to a park called Discovery Green, it's right smack downtown (or what I'd call downtown, Houston has midtown and uptown as well... but it's all downtown to ME). It was a very pretty day, good for a picnic in the park! Evan true to form, ransacks everyone elses blanket for a fun snack, stealing fruit and crackers! It's a bit embarrassing, Jake NEVER would of done that (he's an introvert like Greg and I)... but charming confident ole Ev doesn't mind! And luckily we're with friends, so I hope they don't mind!

I don't have any pics because I forgot my camera! Oops! But picture green grass, lots of flowers, fountains, blue sky, shiny buildings, Jake with blurred legs (due to running around) and a wet Evan (due to said fountains) and you pretty much have a picture of a day!


Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ What a great post. So glad everyone is doing well. I love what E told the Dr. :) Love, Aunt J

ourbabymakesfour said...

So glad Evan had a good 15mo appt! So are you liking his pedi now? Wow, he is a talker.... he really needs to teach Lila how to talk! lol

Tys said...

Well I'm okay with the pedi... enough to stay with him for now. I think he BSes me and doesn't know jack squat about breastfeeding... but I know enough to be able to just be there for the medical part and not really anything else. He seems to enjoy his job, so I can respect that enough.