Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things get hectic when the hermit gets social!

LOL! Okay, I've never been a "hermit" but I would never go so far as to call myself a "social butterfly" either.
But when you meet people, especially ones you like... then you just get busy. Then add in visitors, doing stuff around the house-backyard-etc, and of course those two wonderful boys... well, things just get busy. Playdates, holiday parties, birthdays, meet ups at places like the zoo, getting together with neighobors, family events, errands (the boys outgrow everything at once I swear!), shopping, etc....

I'm more of an introvert and it used to be that too many social things or group things wore me out and was not always enjoyed (Greg is the same way, so it works for us). Not sure if I've morphed a little due to motherhood, finding my comfort zone, or what... but I kind of like our current/enjoy pace. I feel insane to say that, because for some I'm sure we aren't THAT busy... but for me when we have multiple things going on every day... that's ALOT for me.

On top of all that I feel my brain is a little taxed lately... I'm trying to learn to sew. It's my goal for 2010. I need a hobby... I love to read and consider it a hobby... but I need something with more tangible results, something that challenges me. My inlaws got me a wonderful Singer sewing machine for Christmas. I wasn't sure what direction to go with how to learn. Classes seemed logical... but everything I could find around here was like Tues 2-5pm or Wed 9-12... who in hell can go at those odd times???? Then Feb kicked off with the ladies on my street getting together for Bunko (they spell it with a K, I know most spell with a C... but I just roll with it). The lady that organized it is/was a Home Ec teacher and offered to teach me! Yay! By the time we were able to get our schedules coordinated we just had our first session a couple of fridays ago. She had me sewing straight stitches on my own machine and started me off with a pattern for a little bag. Well, I wanted something that challenged me, I definite got that. I'm pretty overwhelmed. She said she'd go to the fabric store with me (and the boys) during the day one day... but again scheduling issues... so I went alone. Got home to figure out I didn't get everything I need. Ugh! I still need HELP! But am determined to get this figured out... but have had zero time since then to even try to sew again!

Then we have our front and backyard. With the new patio I now want flowers, bushes, trees, vines, etc... in the back (and have high hopes for alot of feathered visitors as well!!). For the front, the "long, cold, harsh winter" in Houston this year killed my 2 big Azaela bushes. Oops. It only got below freezing a few times, so it didn't seem alarming to me. I'm used to that when it gets cold... either your annuals die and you always get new, or the other stuff just comes back in the spring. Sooo... we ended up with two very dead things on either side of the house in the front. I've been reading any/every book I can about gardening/landscaping in this climate/area. My brain is really feeling it. It's so different and I'm trying to stick to just native stuff (for maintenance ease and it's a little more 'green' to do)... but also nothing poisionous (so that eliminates quite a few things believe it or not) and things that have blooms for longer than just spring (I mean we can be outside so much longer, might as well take advantage of it).

I'm still trying to hone my inner Martha in the kitchen/home... it's going... perhaps not well... I have a ton of failures with recipes/meals/etc. But I keep trying... it's super frustrated... I want to just give in and BUY something premade but am really trying make stuff. However, for the record, take out doesn't count.. LOL. Ok, ok, I know it counts... but like I said I'm TRYING. Again, this is something that does not come natural to me. I also find it super hard to cook and bake with 2 little ones... trying to plan on how to open the oven at the exact time Evan will NOT be near it. How to mix stuff w/o there being a HUGE meltdown with one of the boys. Let alone acquiring all the ingrediants at the store... yah, I make lists... but somehow I STILL forget to buy it. I jacked up my baking stone, I scorched a pan beyond use, I some how turned a nonstick pan into the worse pan ever to cook with, my panty isn't organized anymore (thanks to 4 little hands that like to move things around)... but hey (shrugs shoulders), I'm trying :)

So I guess my whole point is... things get hectic when the hermit gets social... and the brain gets overtaxed when trying to learn/do too many new things at once!
On another fun note... we had our first non family/friend babysitter last night. Greg, his sister M (in town visiting this week), me and some friends met up for some sushi and wine in downtown last night. It was a great time. I put Evan to bed before we left, and so the babysitter just had to hang with Jake for about an hour or so, and then put him to bed too. She said she couldn't believe how easy he was for her, that he did great. The only thing was that she didn't have him go potty before bed. She said "I asked him and he said he didn't have to"... I internally laughed my butt off... you NEVER ask him anything in question form and expect anything other than a NO answer unless it involves something sweet! So we did have to wake him up before we went to bed for him to potty so as to not wet the bed! We've never done that with him before either, and he did great... just pottied and went right back to bed, no questions asked! M took pics with her camera, so I'll have to get some from her before she leaves... but for now... this is a pic of her and I :) We always have so much fun hanging out... we're constantly trying to get her to move here... we're about 2 steps away from a powerpoint presentation! LOL :)


Kate said...

Busy, busy, busy! I'm out of breath just reading everything you've done!

I would be more than happy to go to the fabric store with you, anytime you want to go. That is just plain awesome that you have a sewing teacher now.

Ayelet said...

Yay for living near a home ec teacher! what a gift! I remember little from 7th grade home ec so I mostly use blogs to learn to sew...if you want some good ones, let me know :)

ourbabymakesfour said...

So glad you are coming out of "hermit" mode cause I love hanging out with ya! Good luck w/ all of your projects Tyson!

Anonymous said...

Hey T ~ Thanks for such a newsy note! It is a Slater thing not to want to always be a social butterfly. We all need our 'alone' time. You have the genes to be a super seamstress so don't give up. Also don't let it frustrate you as then the fun is gone. Much Love, Aunt J

Liz said...

I never thought of you as a hermit. ha! But I do want to know where you get all of your energy and perhaps you can share some with me???