Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What we've been up to, but no pics yet!

Still running around at break neck speed (for me!) :)

Monday was Jake's first dentist appt ever! I really had zero clue of what to expect for him or out of him! Greg and I also needed appts so I got it so the 3 of us could go while M was here to watch Evan.

What I had in mind was when one of us was getting cleaned/checked out, the other was with Jake answering any questions or whatever. I thought I explained that to the office. BUT when it was time they took Greg one way and me another... so Jake came with me. They didn't seem alarmed by this at all... who brings a THREE year old to their dentist appt?? They have TV screens that move so you can watch, but they flipped it around for him to watch Nemo on a barstool. I'm invisioning how much this is NOT going to work.

Color me surprised! He sat there the whole time and watched the movie or asked the dentist questions. Then it was his turn. He got right in the chair, they put sunglasses on him for the bright light and he let her clean his entire mouth! I can barely get him to open it for more than 30 seconds at night and that's with me using the toothbrush as a crowbar to pry his mouth open. I was sure we were going to get bad news or something... but she said everything looked perfect! So all the people that looooove to tell me how terrible it is that my boys are thumbsuckers can just shut it. She said that she couldn't even tell and doesn't see any damage. With her being the mom of 3 little ones (all 5 and younger) and a dentist, I take stock in that.

Greg and I got clean bills of dental health as well! Evan had fun with Aunt M and we spent the rest of the day playing!

Tuesday we headed off to Galveston in the morning! The plan was to get there, find a playground to get the wiggles out, then go eat lunch, and THEN go to the beach. Cause I knew they'd get very dirty! It was a beautiful sunny in the 70's day... found a playground a block from the beach. Perfect! Went to "Fish Tales" for a place to eat it was all windows on the side facing the water. Perfect! Got us at a non-pub style tables, ordered the boys food asap, their food arrived along with our cups of soup (mine chowder, M's gumbo!). Perfect! Then it happened, Evan wanted to stick his hand in my soup, I removed his hand and told him no-no. He then proceeded to scream bloody murder the entire rest of the time. I'm not exagerating on bit. High pitch, angry, kicking, red faced all out screaming. This is extremely odd for Evan, usually you can easily distract with food. He wanted nothing to do with anything. So that wasn't perfect at all. However, Jake WAS perfect... he ate a great lunch and enjoyed the scoop of ice cream for dessert!

Off to the beach! The boys loved it. It was Evan's first steps in the ocean, so happy to be there for them since I missed Jake's last summer (he went with Greg and M last July). They were both one big neverending mess :) We stayed about an hour then it was nap time, so we de-sanded as much as we could and back home we went!

Got home in time for me to head out for my hair appt, I got some highlights... haven't had them since about 2002 I think! I like it.

Once Greg got home M and I picked up one of my friends and we went to a place off Lake Houston, sat outside, had margaritas and fish tacos. Yum!

It was a good day, can't wait to share the pics once I nab them off her camera :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi T, Cute, cute, cute. Your Easter tree is cute! I remember you having one as a kid too. I love it when traditions are carried forward. Love, Aunt J