Friday, April 30, 2010

More apologies!

After quite a response, via emails (good to hear from people though!) and what not... I feel I need to clarify... no I wasn't refering to YOU! Yes, you either!

There was a situation I found myself in about a month ago where I was told I didn't add anything to someone's life. Then it was like all of the sudden I started noticing peoples blogs more. Instead of reading and enjoying them for what they represented for that person, I was started comparing myself instead.

I love my talented friends, I wasn't trying to dog on them for having talents! And for the record, enjoying your kiddos is completely different from having a brag-fest.

You know the moment in real life when you look around and compare... that was just my blog version of that... and I found myself lacking! Sorry for any misunderstandings! This has taught me a little lesson as well. Thank you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our little bubble of imperfection...

The last few weeks I've been noticing via other blogs I read and the blogs that they link to... that I'm probably letting my readers down. It struck me that I'm a pretty lame blogger.

I'm not super mom, I have rough days that lead me to be too sensitive and judgemental. I'm a grudge holder. I don't make all my meals from stratch, if I do I would never be able to take pics as I'm doing it. We probably watch too much TV. I don't gush and brag about my kids or the hubs (I can't decide if I want to start dubbing those blogs that are always like that as brogs or blags! LOL!) even though I love them more than I could ever put words together to express. I don't inspire (which is sort of a bummer). I'm not spiritual (and I'm totally cool with that). I don't workout (obviously) and we're not always the epitome of healthy. I don't give witty interpertations of our days. I'm not Miss Positive and I'm rather sarcastic and negative at times. When I do post pics, they aren't works of art... hell, I can't even figure out how to post pics so that they're not always at the top (and techy stuff never usually stumps me). I don't have a cute little business or cool talents. I don't even grow anything all that cool (but I enjoy my window box like all get out!). I'm not that green and I only dabble in organics. While we're blessed, I find it hard to talk like that and revel in and share.

But this is me.
I know so many fabulous people, it makes me look very blan, boring, and uninspiring in comparison. I realize that I think I'm being real...I'm very much "what you see is what you get" type average person. Others might take it that I'm a negative nelly, wishy-washy, mediocre mom, crappy wife, and lame friend. I'm not afraid to talk about my flaws or if I'm having a hard time. I don't excel at any one thing, I have self-doubts, and sometimes I wonder if I just set myself up for failures.

But... this is me! This is us! Nobody is perfect, I'm certainly not... and I guess that's my gift to you... I have no quirks or qualms about randomly sharing our little bubble of imperfection. Crappy "gift" huh? LOL. Guess some of you must not mind reading :) For that I thank you (and apologize a little bit too!). So instead of getting too down on myself about it all, I'll just embrace it and roll with it! A good example: imperfections in a diamond show its the real deal!

P.S. I was trying to find a doofusy picture of me to go along with this post. Which you wouldn't think would be too hard...but alas... I am in NO pictures anymore! Or the kids are in the them, and I don't think they're doofusy... so this one is a little out of focus, and just average us :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jake's Playlist

Jake loooooves music... alternative rock (or at least thats what I call it. I like it too, but I also love country music, so what do I know!)!

He really likes the electric guitar, bass, drums, etc... and he likes the alternative beat and melody. So here are some of his faves. Yes, I know, it's not as innocent as kids music... but most of the songs are PG and if there's anything questionable it's more innuendo not flat out in the lyrics. He loves his music, loves to get his guitar and jam out with them, and he'll even sing these songs to himself while riding his bike. His favorite is to have one of his songs come on in the car, roll the window down for him and let him sing away.

Somedays if the kids are whiney I'll find music videos on you tube and we'll dance around the kitchen like nutsos! Evan enjoys that too, he likes to dance (which involves bouncing up and down, spining, and smack his belly :)).

So for today's listening pleasure here's Jake's playlist! Greg LOVES that Jake loves this music, they both have fun listening to music together :)

The Thermals - Now We Can See

Cage The Elephant - Back Against the Wall

Psych Theme Song

Phoenix - Lisztomania

Paper Tongue - Trinity

Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feels like it's been forever since I posted...

... but it's only been 5 days! It feels like that with my moms group too. We get so used to seeing each other every other day (or even more sometimes!) that when like 3-5 days go by we feel like we haven't seen each other in forever!

I think I'm out of the "blahs" and "mehs"... woo-hoo! Not sure what the deal was. Nothing was going on or was bad... I've just been feeling out of it. There was like 2-3 weeks that I was the most exhausted I feel like I've ever been. Actually starting to feel a bit rested now (a little bit!) and feel more like a human ;)

Last Wednesday we went to a church that let us have our own private playdate on their preschool playground. It was so nice. Equipment at just the right size and interest level and the major awesome thing... a fence around it all!

Thursday we walked to meet up with a friend to this little patch of blue bonnets to take some pics. Blue bonnets are the Texas state flower, and it's a "thing" down here to get kids pictures taken with the blue bonnets. There are some places that have a HUGE field of them, but for our purposes, a little patch worked just fine! It was so hot we came home and the boys played in the sprinkler! At the moment I can't find the folder on the computer of where I saved the blue bonnets pics that my friend took. So those will have to wait for another time!

Friday was suppose to be a lazy day... but we hadn't seen our neighbors in awhile so we went on a walk with them around the neighborhood lakes. It was so hot and humid again, I was soaked all the way through my tank & shorts! Oh my! This isn't my first Texas summer though!

We spent the weekend doing various things. Got some more plants for the front landscaping. Greg mowed. Had some sushi take out. On Sunday I went to a nice baby shower with my girlfriends... the boys were rather testy that day so it was a nice break :)

Yesterday we went to the zoo again. It was fun, they were both more into it this time! We got a family membership before we left. I think we'll get our moneys worth out of it this next year!
As for the boys... they're getting so big! Evan is like 16 mths going on 3 years old with the way he acts. He's a daredevil, rambunctious, confident little guy if I've ever seen one! Just don't make him mad, he's not easily distracted from what he wants and doesn't really take no for an answer. But luckily he's also a big cuddle/snuggler still (when he wants to of course!). Jake is definitely now getting closer to 4... he talks in looooong paragraphs, does some imaginative pretend play, asks lots of questions, and is interested in all the whats/whys/hows of everything. Last night I was drying my hair and he came in and said "Hey Mama, I need you to put down your hair fan so I can get your attention I have a question to ask you!".... LOL! When he's not being defiant or having a tantrum, he totally cracks me up!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I love to read. I love turning the pages, I love having the story enclose me in it's details and allow me to go on an adventure/escape. I even learn a few things sometimes! I pretty much love everything about reading, except that it keeps me up late.

I've always been a reader too. I used to get in trouble as a kid for always having my nose in a book.... I remember getting ready in the mornings, getting my cereal, doing hair, etc... all while still trying to read. I still do that... I've even read while cooking dinner :)

Yesterday I finished all the books I got at the library last week. I really thought it had been two weeks, but upon further thought I realized it was just one week. I started to get that trapped, "oh no what do I do" feeling all because I had nothing to read. Was I jonesin for a book?!?! LOL!

The last few months I reread some of my favorite series... started out with Twilight. Before you roll your eyes, I just have to say I did the same. When all these people that usually don't read were gushing about Twilight, I was all "whatever"! But curiosity got the best of me... and it only took the first page of talking about the landscape and I was in! Then the rest of the series was just plain fun, good easy reading! Oh and the books are way better than the movies.

Another favorite author of mine is Clive Cussler he write action that has science and history mixed in... kind of like modern more organized Indiana Jones. I enjoy the books very much... predictable, perhaps? But I love the stories! I have a ton of his books so that's actually how I started out the year... rereading the ones I have. One of my favorites is Atlantis Found.

Then I went on to the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I found this series when I was living in Atlanta in 2002. Then the last few years would always ask for the new book in the series for Christmas. This series almost has it all, a little bit of everything... it's a hard one for me to explain to people and not scare them off! Rereading the series was a lot of fun, didn't realize how much I'd forgotten over the years. I even convinced a few others to read the series as well! I just realized my timeline is wrong, I actually read these before Christmas because I was hoping to get Echo in the Bone as a gift ;)

The beginning of the month I began the Earth Childrens series by Jean M Auel. I remember reading this series way back in the day... my aunt would finish and pass on to me. It's a story that's always stuck with me. It's been a lot of fun to reread... I need to go get 4 & 5... hence jonesin to get my butt to the library :) Not that I won't be stalking ebay for a set for myself!

At the beginning of the year I saw on some online message boards that people had listed all the books they had read in one year. I have never done that and thought it would be fun to do as well, just for curiosity's sake really!

I've had peaks and valleys and sometimes I wasn't reading at all - couldnt find anything I liked for a few weeks. So far this year I have read 27 books by 10 authors that equals 13,365 pages! Out of this list there's only 1 of the 7 Outlander books on here (and she writes some hefty detailed stuff)... so my page count would be significantly higher!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


No, not the 1950's horror film with Tippie! Although, some days ARE downright scary around here... I mean plain ole birds! I love bird watching, having feeders, and most of all I love it when birds are always around my house! My grandma has the best backyard bird show... she has feeders, houses, bathes, etc all tucked away in the neatest little places. Lots of trees, bushes, flowers and more... it's the perfect set up. She gets tons of birds in her backyard, even has a rag-tag bunch of mateless birds that make up their own flock. I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it consists of some cardinals, robins, sparrows, a woodpecker and a couple finches!

In IL I had a goldfinch feeder (the upside down kind, since they're the only birds that can eat that way) that was constantly busy! We loved watching those beautiful yellow birds!

I haven't been having much luck getting/seeing in birds down. I'm sure the hotter than hell temps in the summer keep them out of sight... but I would of thought with the mild winters that we'd see more wintering here. Not really. But there's a ton of new construction homes that are across the street, so I'm sure the clearing of the lots and the building scares them off. Plus I have zero coverage in the backyard so I'm sure that's why none of them go to the backyard. Every now and then I can get a jay or something if I leave some fruit out on the fence rail... or a squirrel... they were my only costumers last year and they damage everything!

Anyway, finally connected some brain cells and put a feeder out front... and it's getting some customers yay! So far a cute little titmouse (he's a busy guy!), a chickadee, and yesterday a indigo bunting! Love it! Jake is quiet and still and likes to watch too... he'll even come running when he's sees the random brave cardinal we get out back!

Oh and we also get bluebirds... but they don't eat seed, they eat bugs. So we often see them on the fence after Greg mows (they like open flat spaces like that to hunt for their bugs), we put up a bluebird house for them but no takers yet. I love seeing those bluebirds, they make me happy like the goldfinch used too... but seeing that indigo bunting was awesome! Like I saw some exotic rare bird!

Even though I've been feeling blah, it still doesn't take much to excite me!

Went for a long walk around the lakes/pond with some neighbor girls and their girls... along the walk we not only saw ducks but saw blue jays and lots of woodpeckers. I bet they wondered what I was looking at sometimes or why I kept checking out trees ;)

Totally exhausted...

... and it's making me have a hard time figuring out what to blog about. I'm just beyond tired, when it's actually time to sleep I wake up all night or I'm not in a deep sleep. It's so frustrating and doesn't help that I need to hit the ground running once these boys wake up at the crack of dawn!

Have done a lot of hosting lately... playgroup stuff, company, etc.! Greg's job continues to be a thorn in all of our sides. It's so unpredictable... he's been leaving before the boys get up and comes home after dinner and baths :( Then like this weekend he took Friday off since he hadn't seen us and then he worked most the day via phone & computer. On Saturday he was gone from 5am to 1pm. Then Sunday on the computer and phone AGAIN. I just hate it, I feel like it's ruining everything. I know, I know, be thankful for his job. But it's not like we have anyone else around... so it's a smidge taxing.

Anyhoo... I'll wrap this up so it's not a huge negative post. I'm just tired. I'm almost contemplating getting a hotel room for a whole weekend just to SLEEP... but like that'd happen. Part of Greg's job is that he be available 24/7... which means if I want to leave the house ever I'm also on call 24/7 and have to be ready to rush back if he gets a call.


Hope to update soon on a cheery note with some pics of the boys!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our first cleaning person experience!

I gottta say... it was wonderful! Talk about a HUGE weight (that I didn't even know was there) being lifted from my shoulders!

I don't think I can completely switch over to having a cleaning person though... but definitely once every 6 weeks!

I just feel like our kids take so much in, even if they're too little to get it or talk about it. I worry about setting the standard that we can just do whatever because we'll pay someone to do it.

We've been pretty good about keeping up with the housework, until now. The last month or so when there is time for me to do something, I'm cleaning up an "extra curricular" mess. Like the brand new jar of jelly that Evan was carrying around and Jake took from him and threw on the floor. What a mess. Or perhaps when I shut the cat in Evan's closet for 14 hrs (on accident!!). Another huge mess. Or maybe like when Evan got poop (yes poop!) all over the place?!? Again, huge mess. I spend hours doing all that, that I can even get to the basics. Talk about frustrating.

It feels so good to have a clean house! Whew! But even the cleaning person told me that she had the easy job... that she was exhausted just watching me with the boys! They're not bad kids, they're just toddlers with a lot of energy, curiosity, and mischief!

Tonight I'm hosting a Mom's Night In here... asking people to bring an outdoor candle, I'm going to string up this little set of dragonfly lights, get all the patio chairs out and we're going to hang out and chat... play cards too if anyone wants!

Then on Friday night Greg's friend will be arriving from Seattle. They grew up together and we haven't seen him since Jake was 2 weeks old! Think they'll go out to eat that night. Saturday I think they should head downtown and go to the St. Arnolds Brewery Tour (we like their beer!) and that night we have our babysitter again and we'll head back downtown or to the Kemah boardwalk for dinner out! Sunday I believe they're going to go golfing and we'll grill some brats that night, yum!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today Jake is exactly 3 1/2 yrs old! Thought I'd introduce another family member... Jake's companion... Timbo! His Meegaw and Pago got him Timber (his original name on his tag) when they were up shopping around Lake Geneva. It's called a "My Banky" by Crazy Mountain Imports. They got it because it sort of looked like our dog Suki. Once upon a time Jake and Suki were sooo close, she kept watch over him, let him crawl all over her. Now he's just a rough (and kinda mean) toddler to her :(

At first he didn't have much to do with it... then BAM! They've been inseperable since! It's become such a part of things we have have "Timber Time"... which is when he's getting whiney (usually the afternoon) a bit tired... he gets Timbo and we sit together on the couch snuggling watching a favorite cartoon! Timber has been everywhere we've spent the night, and can only imagine all the miles he's logged in the car! To Alabama, Indiana, the whole move trip to Texas and again on our 12 days of Christmas road trip, and even on planes! He was even in our group family picture because he was so scared by the picture taking, it was the only way to get a pic! I also thought ahead back when I saw this attachment to get a 2nd Timber. I called the company that made them and they told me boutiques and Hallmarks that had recently had Timber shipped to them :) They get switched out often as so one does not look/feel more new than the other. We treated the Timbos like Time Cop where two bodies can't occupy the same space... and never let on there were two. But he figured it out a couple months ago ("Hey, I have TWO Timbos!") and never mentioned it again. Now that he's getting older we try to have him keep it in his room when awake.

There's been many a' cute moments with ole Timber (who didn't become Timbo until the last six months according to Jake):

About a year ago Jake informed us that Timber was his best friend! Awww!

If he gets misplaced around the house you'll here Jake looking for him saying "Tiiiimmmmboooo, where you? I'm looking for you!"

Occassionally Mama or Daddy will wear Timbo as a hat and say we can't find them... even as Jake gets older, he still finds it funny.

Sometimes in some very rare moments, he'll even let Evan see Timbo... Evan takes off running with him like he's just stolen the rarest diamond :)

Yesterday Jake had a little morning accident and Timbo had to go in the wash. He knows Timbo gets washed but this time he informed me... "Oh no mama, I worry about Timbo too much. I need him to be where I can see and touch him!"

Everynight I have to give Timbo a peck on the head as well when tucking them both in, so I guess I love Timbo just as much, he's a helpful little guy that is worth his weight in gold ;) The pics are some I found from over the years that has him! The first one is from this morning!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Flowers outside my window!

In Texas, I'm pretty sure spring is over! But we're a little behind in getting flowers out!

I've been wanting flowers outside my kitchen window... because I spend more time at the sink than you think and it would be nice to see some flowers there.

First I thought of a flowering vine up the fence... but no, that'd possibly get into the neighbors yard. Then I thought of a flowering vine up the side of the house so that eventually they'd reach the window. Then finally my brain worked and thought, "Duh! A window box!". My poor mushy brain.

So now I can look outside my window and see some yellow & deep purple petunias and some mexican heather (tiny purple flowers). Hoping it'll bring some hummingbirds as well! Here's the pic... I'm sure after time it'll have more of that mounding, cascading look! Oh and Jake helped Greg put it up while on his shoulders the whole time :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Want to talk for a minute about basketball :)

Great game last night!! I watched the end between my fingers! Love me some basketball!!

We're Duke fans around here... but usually if they're not playing I root for 1) Indiana schools 2)underdogs or 3) anyone playing the Illini! So I didn't really root against Butler, was just hoping it would turn out like it did. I find Butlers team impressive and their young coach too! I'm sure it was awesome being in Indy and having such a home crowd.

This whole March Madness my bracket has been #1... how cool is that? It's a group started by a friend of Gregs... this whole time I've been #1, I've gotten zero props. Except one comment about how it must be nice to just get lucky when others really thought out their bracket. I don't have time to get angry about that, but whatever! I spent days agonizing over my bracket... and dang it, I did pretty good! Got 3 out of 4 for the final four, had Butler vs. Duke with Duke wining! Go me! Bragging rights for a year now right????

It makes me mad when I see all the anti-Duke statments on FB. Wow, we're a bunch of sore losers (ADULTS) anymore huh? Resorting to talking about players looks, etc... what the hell is wrong with people? It's a college game, how fun for the atheletes!

I kinda hope one of the boys is a bball player (even if just in middle school!) :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!

Add me to the billon new Easter posts on blogs all about!

We had a good, but tiring weekend! It was a very busy week to start out with. Thursday we anxiously awaited our new kitchen dining set. It was to be delivered between 9am and 1pm. The delivery truck actually arrives about 10:30am. Luckily, I think to check the stuff first, the guy is nice and helps me remove all the packaging. OMG... the table is all nicked to hell with little circles worn off the top. It was not done from the packaging, it was totally sent this way! Grrrr. Beyond all that antique white is apparently buttery yellow to them. Sooooo won't work in our kitchen. So I had to fill out paperwork refusing delivery... then call the place to work on getting the chairs back too. They came earlier, but we never opened them as to just have the mess all at one time. They're now sending us return labels to use, and then call Fed Ex to come pick them up and THEN we'll get our money credited back. Ugh. What a mess. Why is it so hard to find a white pedestal kitchen table?????

That night was Mom's Night In... Game Night at Ellie's! Fun times! We yakked our heads off more than played any games (which I pretty much sucked at both... Mad Gab AND Boxers & Briefs). I come to relish and cherish my nights out :)

Friday was Good Friday, so Greg had a day off! Woo-hoo!!! He went to Little Gym with us to see the boys in action and meet some of our friends. Fun times!! He realized now why I always say I'm exhausted after going there... Evan is one busy little dude... his job was to follow/chase Evan around and I hung out with Jake doing more class stuff ;) He worked up a sweat!

Saturday we spent the day cleaning, doing yardwork, and getting ready for company. We had some friends over on Sunday that also do not have any family in the area. It makes the holidays more special and not as lonely... we didn't find ourselves wondering and missing our family up north as much. Our friends came over at 10am, we colored eggs and then had lunch about 11am... grilled chicken, steak... had pasta salad, corn casserole and fruit salad. For dessert I made a lemon bundt cake, it was pretty tasty if I do say so myself! It was all really yummy... good day over all!