Tuesday, April 20, 2010


No, not the 1950's horror film with Tippie! Although, some days ARE downright scary around here... I mean plain ole birds! I love bird watching, having feeders, and most of all I love it when birds are always around my house! My grandma has the best backyard bird show... she has feeders, houses, bathes, etc all tucked away in the neatest little places. Lots of trees, bushes, flowers and more... it's the perfect set up. She gets tons of birds in her backyard, even has a rag-tag bunch of mateless birds that make up their own flock. I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it consists of some cardinals, robins, sparrows, a woodpecker and a couple finches!

In IL I had a goldfinch feeder (the upside down kind, since they're the only birds that can eat that way) that was constantly busy! We loved watching those beautiful yellow birds!

I haven't been having much luck getting/seeing in birds down. I'm sure the hotter than hell temps in the summer keep them out of sight... but I would of thought with the mild winters that we'd see more wintering here. Not really. But there's a ton of new construction homes that are across the street, so I'm sure the clearing of the lots and the building scares them off. Plus I have zero coverage in the backyard so I'm sure that's why none of them go to the backyard. Every now and then I can get a jay or something if I leave some fruit out on the fence rail... or a squirrel... they were my only costumers last year and they damage everything!

Anyway, finally connected some brain cells and put a feeder out front... and it's getting some customers yay! So far a cute little titmouse (he's a busy guy!), a chickadee, and yesterday a indigo bunting! Love it! Jake is quiet and still and likes to watch too... he'll even come running when he's sees the random brave cardinal we get out back!

Oh and we also get bluebirds... but they don't eat seed, they eat bugs. So we often see them on the fence after Greg mows (they like open flat spaces like that to hunt for their bugs), we put up a bluebird house for them but no takers yet. I love seeing those bluebirds, they make me happy like the goldfinch used too... but seeing that indigo bunting was awesome! Like I saw some exotic rare bird!

Even though I've been feeling blah, it still doesn't take much to excite me!

Went for a long walk around the lakes/pond with some neighbor girls and their girls... along the walk we not only saw ducks but saw blue jays and lots of woodpeckers. I bet they wondered what I was looking at sometimes or why I kept checking out trees ;)


Anonymous said...

Birds! I too love birds. Aunt Jeri

ourbabymakesfour said...

oh cool! i totally need to get a feeder. I need to check yours out so I can just get the same one... I always get overwhelmed by the selection!