Thursday, April 22, 2010


I love to read. I love turning the pages, I love having the story enclose me in it's details and allow me to go on an adventure/escape. I even learn a few things sometimes! I pretty much love everything about reading, except that it keeps me up late.

I've always been a reader too. I used to get in trouble as a kid for always having my nose in a book.... I remember getting ready in the mornings, getting my cereal, doing hair, etc... all while still trying to read. I still do that... I've even read while cooking dinner :)

Yesterday I finished all the books I got at the library last week. I really thought it had been two weeks, but upon further thought I realized it was just one week. I started to get that trapped, "oh no what do I do" feeling all because I had nothing to read. Was I jonesin for a book?!?! LOL!

The last few months I reread some of my favorite series... started out with Twilight. Before you roll your eyes, I just have to say I did the same. When all these people that usually don't read were gushing about Twilight, I was all "whatever"! But curiosity got the best of me... and it only took the first page of talking about the landscape and I was in! Then the rest of the series was just plain fun, good easy reading! Oh and the books are way better than the movies.

Another favorite author of mine is Clive Cussler he write action that has science and history mixed in... kind of like modern more organized Indiana Jones. I enjoy the books very much... predictable, perhaps? But I love the stories! I have a ton of his books so that's actually how I started out the year... rereading the ones I have. One of my favorites is Atlantis Found.

Then I went on to the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I found this series when I was living in Atlanta in 2002. Then the last few years would always ask for the new book in the series for Christmas. This series almost has it all, a little bit of everything... it's a hard one for me to explain to people and not scare them off! Rereading the series was a lot of fun, didn't realize how much I'd forgotten over the years. I even convinced a few others to read the series as well! I just realized my timeline is wrong, I actually read these before Christmas because I was hoping to get Echo in the Bone as a gift ;)

The beginning of the month I began the Earth Childrens series by Jean M Auel. I remember reading this series way back in the day... my aunt would finish and pass on to me. It's a story that's always stuck with me. It's been a lot of fun to reread... I need to go get 4 & 5... hence jonesin to get my butt to the library :) Not that I won't be stalking ebay for a set for myself!

At the beginning of the year I saw on some online message boards that people had listed all the books they had read in one year. I have never done that and thought it would be fun to do as well, just for curiosity's sake really!

I've had peaks and valleys and sometimes I wasn't reading at all - couldnt find anything I liked for a few weeks. So far this year I have read 27 books by 10 authors that equals 13,365 pages! Out of this list there's only 1 of the 7 Outlander books on here (and she writes some hefty detailed stuff)... so my page count would be significantly higher!


Anonymous said...

Hey T, I can tell if my life is balanced if I'm reading. Unfortunately, the last few months I haven't picked up a book even though they are laying right there... Boo Hoo for me.
Love, Aunt J

Liz said...

Ugh, I am in such a reading slump right now. I love to read too but I feel like since Holden has been born I just can't focus on reading. Ick!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning me onto Outlander, they have changed the way I think about some things! Cool blog :)