Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feels like it's been forever since I posted...

... but it's only been 5 days! It feels like that with my moms group too. We get so used to seeing each other every other day (or even more sometimes!) that when like 3-5 days go by we feel like we haven't seen each other in forever!

I think I'm out of the "blahs" and "mehs"... woo-hoo! Not sure what the deal was. Nothing was going on or was bad... I've just been feeling out of it. There was like 2-3 weeks that I was the most exhausted I feel like I've ever been. Actually starting to feel a bit rested now (a little bit!) and feel more like a human ;)

Last Wednesday we went to a church that let us have our own private playdate on their preschool playground. It was so nice. Equipment at just the right size and interest level and the major awesome thing... a fence around it all!

Thursday we walked to meet up with a friend to this little patch of blue bonnets to take some pics. Blue bonnets are the Texas state flower, and it's a "thing" down here to get kids pictures taken with the blue bonnets. There are some places that have a HUGE field of them, but for our purposes, a little patch worked just fine! It was so hot we came home and the boys played in the sprinkler! At the moment I can't find the folder on the computer of where I saved the blue bonnets pics that my friend took. So those will have to wait for another time!

Friday was suppose to be a lazy day... but we hadn't seen our neighbors in awhile so we went on a walk with them around the neighborhood lakes. It was so hot and humid again, I was soaked all the way through my tank & shorts! Oh my! This isn't my first Texas summer though!

We spent the weekend doing various things. Got some more plants for the front landscaping. Greg mowed. Had some sushi take out. On Sunday I went to a nice baby shower with my girlfriends... the boys were rather testy that day so it was a nice break :)

Yesterday we went to the zoo again. It was fun, they were both more into it this time! We got a family membership before we left. I think we'll get our moneys worth out of it this next year!
As for the boys... they're getting so big! Evan is like 16 mths going on 3 years old with the way he acts. He's a daredevil, rambunctious, confident little guy if I've ever seen one! Just don't make him mad, he's not easily distracted from what he wants and doesn't really take no for an answer. But luckily he's also a big cuddle/snuggler still (when he wants to of course!). Jake is definitely now getting closer to 4... he talks in looooong paragraphs, does some imaginative pretend play, asks lots of questions, and is interested in all the whats/whys/hows of everything. Last night I was drying my hair and he came in and said "Hey Mama, I need you to put down your hair fan so I can get your attention I have a question to ask you!".... LOL! When he's not being defiant or having a tantrum, he totally cracks me up!

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Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ I've never heard it called a 'hair fan' before. How cute is that! Love, Aunt J