Monday, April 12, 2010

Flowers outside my window!

In Texas, I'm pretty sure spring is over! But we're a little behind in getting flowers out!

I've been wanting flowers outside my kitchen window... because I spend more time at the sink than you think and it would be nice to see some flowers there.

First I thought of a flowering vine up the fence... but no, that'd possibly get into the neighbors yard. Then I thought of a flowering vine up the side of the house so that eventually they'd reach the window. Then finally my brain worked and thought, "Duh! A window box!". My poor mushy brain.

So now I can look outside my window and see some yellow & deep purple petunias and some mexican heather (tiny purple flowers). Hoping it'll bring some hummingbirds as well! Here's the pic... I'm sure after time it'll have more of that mounding, cascading look! Oh and Jake helped Greg put it up while on his shoulders the whole time :)


Kate said...

So cute! I might have to copy you.

Ellie Davis said...

so pretty! Love it!

Ayelet said...

beautiful!! glad you are enjoying that amazing weather :)

April said...

How precious! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute! I am so jealous that you can have flowers so many more months of the year than I can... It is still getting down to the low 30's at night herein NW OH. The last chance of a hard freeze is generally Mother's Day. Can't wait!!! My roses are doing well though. Love you, Aunt J