Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jake's Playlist

Jake loooooves music... alternative rock (or at least thats what I call it. I like it too, but I also love country music, so what do I know!)!

He really likes the electric guitar, bass, drums, etc... and he likes the alternative beat and melody. So here are some of his faves. Yes, I know, it's not as innocent as kids music... but most of the songs are PG and if there's anything questionable it's more innuendo not flat out in the lyrics. He loves his music, loves to get his guitar and jam out with them, and he'll even sing these songs to himself while riding his bike. His favorite is to have one of his songs come on in the car, roll the window down for him and let him sing away.

Somedays if the kids are whiney I'll find music videos on you tube and we'll dance around the kitchen like nutsos! Evan enjoys that too, he likes to dance (which involves bouncing up and down, spining, and smack his belly :)).

So for today's listening pleasure here's Jake's playlist! Greg LOVES that Jake loves this music, they both have fun listening to music together :)

The Thermals - Now We Can See

Cage The Elephant - Back Against the Wall

Psych Theme Song

Phoenix - Lisztomania

Paper Tongue - Trinity

Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am


April said...

awesome! My kids can make up some wild playlists too, I have several on my iPod that are theirs and I know that if anyone ever borrows my iPod, they will think I am crazy!

Sarah said...

I love this post, Tyson. This morning, I came back for the third time to listen. I'm totally lame and am NOT up to date on the newest music. But with Jake's help, maybe I can maintain some coolness.