Friday, April 30, 2010

More apologies!

After quite a response, via emails (good to hear from people though!) and what not... I feel I need to clarify... no I wasn't refering to YOU! Yes, you either!

There was a situation I found myself in about a month ago where I was told I didn't add anything to someone's life. Then it was like all of the sudden I started noticing peoples blogs more. Instead of reading and enjoying them for what they represented for that person, I was started comparing myself instead.

I love my talented friends, I wasn't trying to dog on them for having talents! And for the record, enjoying your kiddos is completely different from having a brag-fest.

You know the moment in real life when you look around and compare... that was just my blog version of that... and I found myself lacking! Sorry for any misunderstandings! This has taught me a little lesson as well. Thank you!


Ayelet said...

aww, I definitely hear you on blog being more about brags. Sometimes I wonder why we blog, but then I remember all of the family from all corners of the world. They don't want to hear about the bad/mundane stuff! So those are the days I don't blog...which is why I only post like once a week! Ha!

Anonymous said...

If someone tells you that you don't add anything to their life, then you really don't want them in your life, right? Looks like lots of folks do want a peep into your life (you have 16 followers); what an accomplishment!

Kate said...

Who the hell would say that?? Bring 'em on! I'm ready for a good old fashioned smackdown!