Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today Jake is exactly 3 1/2 yrs old! Thought I'd introduce another family member... Jake's companion... Timbo! His Meegaw and Pago got him Timber (his original name on his tag) when they were up shopping around Lake Geneva. It's called a "My Banky" by Crazy Mountain Imports. They got it because it sort of looked like our dog Suki. Once upon a time Jake and Suki were sooo close, she kept watch over him, let him crawl all over her. Now he's just a rough (and kinda mean) toddler to her :(

At first he didn't have much to do with it... then BAM! They've been inseperable since! It's become such a part of things we have have "Timber Time"... which is when he's getting whiney (usually the afternoon) a bit tired... he gets Timbo and we sit together on the couch snuggling watching a favorite cartoon! Timber has been everywhere we've spent the night, and can only imagine all the miles he's logged in the car! To Alabama, Indiana, the whole move trip to Texas and again on our 12 days of Christmas road trip, and even on planes! He was even in our group family picture because he was so scared by the picture taking, it was the only way to get a pic! I also thought ahead back when I saw this attachment to get a 2nd Timber. I called the company that made them and they told me boutiques and Hallmarks that had recently had Timber shipped to them :) They get switched out often as so one does not look/feel more new than the other. We treated the Timbos like Time Cop where two bodies can't occupy the same space... and never let on there were two. But he figured it out a couple months ago ("Hey, I have TWO Timbos!") and never mentioned it again. Now that he's getting older we try to have him keep it in his room when awake.

There's been many a' cute moments with ole Timber (who didn't become Timbo until the last six months according to Jake):

About a year ago Jake informed us that Timber was his best friend! Awww!

If he gets misplaced around the house you'll here Jake looking for him saying "Tiiiimmmmboooo, where you? I'm looking for you!"

Occassionally Mama or Daddy will wear Timbo as a hat and say we can't find them... even as Jake gets older, he still finds it funny.

Sometimes in some very rare moments, he'll even let Evan see Timbo... Evan takes off running with him like he's just stolen the rarest diamond :)

Yesterday Jake had a little morning accident and Timbo had to go in the wash. He knows Timbo gets washed but this time he informed me... "Oh no mama, I worry about Timbo too much. I need him to be where I can see and touch him!"

Everynight I have to give Timbo a peck on the head as well when tucking them both in, so I guess I love Timbo just as much, he's a helpful little guy that is worth his weight in gold ;) The pics are some I found from over the years that has him! The first one is from this morning!


April said...

how sweet! My kids never took to a lovey but I always bought one for each of them anyway :-)

shelley c. said...

Aaawww!! That is so sweet! I am happy to finally "meet" Timbo, too! :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet. Does Evan have a 'friend' too? Love, Aunt J

Tys said...

They got Evan one too... but so far no interest what so ever. "Billy Bear" lays in the crib next to him... like he'll turn and check to make sure it's there, but he's never held it. We'll see... he's pretty attached to his thumb though and well me! :)