Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Want to talk for a minute about basketball :)

Great game last night!! I watched the end between my fingers! Love me some basketball!!

We're Duke fans around here... but usually if they're not playing I root for 1) Indiana schools 2)underdogs or 3) anyone playing the Illini! So I didn't really root against Butler, was just hoping it would turn out like it did. I find Butlers team impressive and their young coach too! I'm sure it was awesome being in Indy and having such a home crowd.

This whole March Madness my bracket has been #1... how cool is that? It's a group started by a friend of Gregs... this whole time I've been #1, I've gotten zero props. Except one comment about how it must be nice to just get lucky when others really thought out their bracket. I don't have time to get angry about that, but whatever! I spent days agonizing over my bracket... and dang it, I did pretty good! Got 3 out of 4 for the final four, had Butler vs. Duke with Duke wining! Go me! Bragging rights for a year now right????

It makes me mad when I see all the anti-Duke statments on FB. Wow, we're a bunch of sore losers (ADULTS) anymore huh? Resorting to talking about players looks, etc... what the hell is wrong with people? It's a college game, how fun for the atheletes!

I kinda hope one of the boys is a bball player (even if just in middle school!) :)

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