Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crafts! Catepillars! Bird Nests!

My neighbor and I have been taking turns doing a story & a craft with our older kids while the little ones play.

First we read the story "The Hungry Little Catepillar" by Eric Carle and then made a catepillar ourselves (egg carton section, paint, pipe cleaner attenae, and cherrios for eyes!

Here's Jake with his:

Then this week we went to their house (she let me dry some laundry while there too, bless her heart). They read a book about a bird building it's nest, they used toliet paper roll binoculars to look at a nest of baby birds in their yard, made a pinecone bird feeder, and for a snack made this little chocolate birds nest!

Cute, no?? Next week it's my turn again... not sure how I'm going to follow that act up. She hit it out of the park!

We went back to the Childrens Museum yesterday, it was fun. Since the boys feel asleep on the way there, we actually went back to the Tot Spot after they had an early lunch since they weren't dying for a nap or anything! They had so much fun checking it all out again and again. I had fun that they have fun. Even though after that they only took a 15 min nap in the car and were up the rest of the day. I was exhausted, went to bed at 9pm :)


shelley c. said...

You two are so creative - what great ideas!!

Ayelet said...

what a great idea!! love it! and yum...those bird nests look good!

Anonymous said...

All the crafts turned out super cute! Wasn't sure what to expect when J told me about the nests, but they are great!

ourbabymakesfour said...

Great crafts! That's awesome!

Liz said...

That is darling! I am going to come to you for ideas when Holden is old enough to "craft". You are such a good mommy!

Ellie Davis said...

these are SUPER cute. You know when Jackson gets bigger I'll be picking your brain for ideas!!!