Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthin' them babies!

Last night at Moms Night In (which was Dessert Night btw and it was yummo!) birth stories were shared and talked about. Made me a bit nostalgic for birthing my babies!

9 mths preggers with Jake.

My first baby, Jake... looking at him now running around me at 3 1/2 years old... I can't believe he was ever this little!

Another shot of Baby Jake, in my favorite thing EVER... The Peanut Shell. Baby wearing is fantastic and since this I've acquired a Moby Wrap as well. Love! I actually have very few pics of the boys in the sling... but Evan especially lived in it! This pic doesn't really go with birthin babies, but I came across it while looking for these pics and just had to throw it in! Oh and you don't have to hold the baby at all like I am for the pic, it was just the first time I had him in there and Greg was a nervous wreck about it.
Funny, that after that how normal it became. I could pop them in and out fast and wearing them in different positions. I always sing praises for slings and wraps! They're awesome!

9 mths preggers with Evan. I really like being pregnant, with Evan I took a TON of belly shots and am so happy I did. I love looking back at them.

Mr. Big Stuff is born! I pretty much labored at home with Greg and his mom both staring at me, like I'm a lunatic, wanting me to leave to go to the hospital. But you know how preggers are, you can't tell them anything! It was the first snow storm of the year, we were actually in front of the snow plow! LOL! Then when we got to the hospital, due to construction I was at the wrong entrance, I refused a wheelchair or anyones help and walk across the whole hospital, up stairs, and all that jazz. When I got there they took their sweet time (guess they must get a ton of women that freak out in early labor? and get there early?) then found out I was almost 8 cm, so off to the birthing suite we went!

Big brother at the hospital visiting! Everyone told me he'd seem like such a big kid after having the baby... but I felt like he was still a baby when I did see him. I fretted the whole pregnancy about if I could really love another baby as much a I loved him, and soon as Evan popped out all my worries went away. It was like he'd always been a part of our family we just didn't know it! It's the most amazing thing that kind of love can multiply. I always try to explain it to moms expecting #2 having the same worries, but I don't think anyone believes you until it happens to them!

The first time Jake strung two words together (he just wasn't a talker until NOW!) was for "Hold Baby!" that he'd sing out to get to hold Evan. Very cute!

*Sigh*... Those are my babies that I brought into this world. I'm nervous to say, but I'm sure eventually there will be a 3rd (Greg would actually like 2 more, but I'm pretty sure that's no dice!). I can handle another pregnancy, and I love the idea of more than 2 kids when they get older. But truthfully, I'm beyond scared to do that whole first year over again... sleepless nights, being the sole source of nutrition, losing the baby weight, lugging all the gear around etc. So once I can wrap my head around that, it'll be good :) My friend Jen has really peaked my interest in her birthing center & midwife. Lately, I've really been thinking about it all again. I think I could birth au natural, but would need a ton of support and no "nay-sayers" along the way. First, lets cross the hurdle in my mind about #3! Then we'll go from there! Until then I'll be nostalgic over when I had my current babies ;) Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!


Anonymous said...

aww look at those sweet babies.
The 3rd isn't so bad, maybe you'll luck out and get a sleeper ;-p


Anonymous said...

T, Thanks for the ride down memory lane. Loved the jourey. Love, Aunt J

Kelly said...

So cute!

and you could totally do it au natural! I did w/ both of mine. get a doula, they are awesome!

ourbabymakesfour said...

awww, you are one hot preggo! love the birth stories. let's get pregos together for #3 and maybe we'll deliver at the same time at the birth center!