Thursday, May 20, 2010

A burning dryer and germs!

So Jake is sick. It started yesterday and is still going on. I know there's been a bug going around... yep, it's made it's stop here. Lets hope Jake is it's only victim, since Mamas don't get sick days!

It all comes at a "perfect" time around here. You know a time when you're going to have to wash sick towels, sheets, clothes, etc. Our dryer is 90% out of commission. Ugh!

Repairman came on Tuesday, it'll take 10 business days (plus time to get someone out here to fix it) to get a new heating element control panel. It was getting so hot it was scorching the hell out of the inside... the vent into the tumbler was actually scorched!

Yesterday afternoon I did a load of laundry after Jake's first getting sick episode. (On a side note, it's amazing that I don't get sick myself when helping & cleaning up. I would if it was anyone else but my kid, I'll tell ya that!) I got out the drying rack that I haven't used since I was being green before and after Jake was born. I hauled it outside hoping the sun and 90 degrees could make up for the 75% humidity. It sort of worked, they weren't too wet, but definitely still damp. We can still use the dryer on the air setting... so I threw in that laundry on the air setting a few times with a dryer sheet (I never use dryer sheets due to the chemicals) and they actually turned out okay and got dry... only took 3 air cycles.

Had a couple of friends offer to let me use their dryer, so nice! I might have to if it rains this weekend. Laundrymats are not an option down here, they're a little sketchy. The really good thing in all this... at least it's the dryer and not the WASHER. Now that would be downright terrible.

I know people have survived without dryers and washers AND had sick kids... but that is not something I care to have any experience with myself!

To end on a cute note, here a pic of Jake reading his Wall-E book to Evan. Now before I take the pic they're both sitting closer, looking at the book together, and every so often Evan will look up at Jake. BUT... you know how it is, right when you take the pic, they move and look like deer in headlights! I spend a lot (A TON) of time being referee between them, it's exhausting... so I love catching them in these kinds of moments!

And, last week I made a peach pie and made the crust from stratch. A friend asked me to post a pic, since she knows I'm not much of a baker, so it's a big deal for me! I didn't want to have a post just for it, so I'll just add it on here :) It's definitely not perfect, but I tried! It looks like a lattice crust, but I actually didn't weave them, I just laid the sections in two layers. Funny how stuff like that is so intimidating, but if you just do it you think - oh that wasn't so bad!

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shelley c. said...

The pie looks AWESOME!!! Did it taste as good as it looks??? And I hope the sickies leave super fast and that Jake is up and running in no time.