Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Five Years to Us!

Five years ago today Megan, Donna and I were getting our hair and make up done a few hours before the ceremony! The salon couldn't seem to understand that I was getting married THAT DAY... they were taking their sweet time. Then finally figured it out and finished up! I then drove our rental car like a banshee, we got lost a little bit, and I drove some more like a banshee. We made it up the mountain in wine country to a beautiful little winery with just enough time to slip in my dress and get the show on the road!

Everyone is always shocked when I tell them about our wedding. It wasn't an elopement, it was just a small thing. No use going in debt or expecting anyone else to foot the bill. It was perfect for us! I love retelling about that day (but I'll spare you all!)... but what gal doesn't??

I was trying to find a good marriage quote to reflect how I feel and what I'm thinking. However, after some googling I found mostly crappy quotes about how terrible marriage. Ugh!? But I did find this one and I think it's rather nice... for me in goes hand in hand with our marriage and our little family.

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved ~ George Sands

I don't care what anyone says... there's no such thing as a perfect marriage. There are ups and down, good times and bad, stress, and all that... but if you take all that away and there's still love & respect then that is as perfect as you're going to get in reality.

Today we hosted a Pudding Playdate. I put pieces of paper up on the fence, we put out bowls of pudding, gave the kids (in their swimsuits) brushes and away they went! Shortly into it we turned on the sprinkler and took the top off the water table and the kids played in the water the rest of the time. I think (hope) all the kids had a blast!

During this time, a man popped around the corner with a big ole vase of a dozen roses from my love!

A picture of my flowers, some cards some thoughtful people sent, and the bottle of wine we're going to pop the cork on tonight! It's from the winery we got married at Hans Fahden Winery in Calistoga, CA

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