Friday, May 21, 2010

Losing the pudge...

No, not mine much to my dismay! Evan is losing his baby pudge :(

You can't really see it in the picture I posted the other day... and others might not even notice in person. However, Mama & Daddy both noticed this morning!! His legs, arms, neck and torso have gotten a bit longer. He no longer has that roly-poly baby belly with legs & a head look. Waaaaah! My baby!

I mean he already acts like he's 17 mths going on about 2 1/2 yrs old... the way he talks, runs, and just general operates. But this is his first time looking like he's out of that baby-young toddler phase!

Jake woke up this morning over the stomach bug thing.. that was a fun 48 hours. I'm pretty sure that Evan is in the beginning stages of it. That pretty much sums up our Friday! Jake catching up on behaving less than nice (to make up for just laying around for two days) and poor Ev is beyond unhappy about being too sick to really do much. Greg is going to go play horseshoes at a neighbor/co-workers house tonight... I told him to go... I'm totally going to bed once Jake does (early bedtimes for early birds are a nice perk!). So it's not like we'd be missing out on time together.

We've been catching up on The Tudors on Showtime. We've watched every season, but fell behind this season due to watching Lost (Finale on Sunday -woo-hoo! I LOVE Lost!). I find the Tudors a bit annoying sometimes because I'm a huge Tudors/Elizabethan/Stuart fan and read lots of nonfiction historical stuff and they screw with alot. But even for the poetic license to dramatize and tweak, we still like it anyway!

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