Monday, May 3, 2010

We had a good weekend!

It was nice to not have too much in the way of errands or plans to define our weekend!

The pools in our neighborhood opened, so we had to go get our bracelets for the year. They we're having a little fest in a way... balloons, bubbles, ice cream, etc! Jake got a balloon sword, and it popped... surprised the heck out of him! Evan was busy trying to stick his fingers in the bubble machine... but both loved the ice cream! We just went to pick up the bracelets so I didn't take the diaper bag... so we had the token dirty boys with ice cream all over them. While we were there Evan was really excited to see the water. So since we didn't go to swim, we promptly left and walked around the lake for a bit with our ice cream.

Then got home and got ready for the block party for our street! It was really hot, but it was nice to see everyone. We have good neighbors! Everyone chipped in and got a bounce house for the kids... ours went in quite a few times for a little bit. Met some new people, said hi to the regulars... like the ladies in my Bunko group! Evan charmed one of the ladies into chasing him around for a little bit, stomping on things and such :) They both enjoyed it, but after about 10 mins, she was wondering how I do it all day long! No kidding!!

Everyone was so hot when we got home. It was bath & bedtime for Evan, but Greg and Jake suited up and headed to the pool! Yay! May 1st and at the pool! Love it! Jake went down the waterslide on his own first thing. Last year he always wanted one of us to go with him... so yay for the big boy! He came home and said "The pool is so much fun!"

Sunday we went for our long walk at Duessen park... hoping to make it a regular Sunday morning thing. The buffalos weren't as close but while Jake and I were jogging for a bit (he says "Mama, lets exercise and be healthy!" Lol!) on the trail we saw a big turtle in the middle of a field. Greg loves turtles, so he just as much fun checking it out as Jake did! Jake wanted to know why he was pulling his head & legs in... why does a turtle have his home on his back...etc. It's lots of fun. I've been waiting for this stage for awhile to answer and discuss things. His reaction to our conversation... "Well, that's just so silly. I like turtles!" :) We did our normal stop at a playground halfway through the walk to help Evan get the wiggles out. I have to admit on the last part of the walk, I was hurting... we could see the car, but it feel like it was miles away!

Home for naps! In which Greg was nice enough to let me nap until I woke up, instead of just getting up when the first one does. I slept for 2 hours... it was awesome. I could of slept longer too, but figured I should probably get up ;)

We then all went to the pool. Note to self: get thee a new suit... yikes! Evan was exactly how we thought he'd be. Very excited and NO FEAR. He'll totally jump off the side even if you're not right there, he doesn't care if he falls face first and goes under, he's just go go go!!! Jake decided since he mastered the little kid tube waterslide... he'll try the big one. He had a bug-eyed look of fear flying out of the tube, but then said "Again!". It's quite a drop into the pool, so you have to stand right there to catch him. Everyone had a blast... but if this is how it's going to be at the pool this year... I have no clue how I'm going to take them both by themselves! Evan screamed when we left... he's a fish in the making I do believe! Due to all the antics, no pictures were taken... ones from the park will just have to suffice! :)


Anonymous said...

Hello T ~ Sounds like a very nice weekend. So glad to hear that you got a nice nap in too. Thanks for the pictures. Do you remember when we made a home for the baby turtle in the outside bathtub? Now for your friends I need to explain. The outside bathtub was used as a cooler until the turtle took it over. It had T's hand prints all over it. VERY CUTE! Awe ~ momories! Love Aunt J

Kate said...

I love the shot of Ev on the slide!