Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We have a HUGE trip coming up!!

My brain is in overdrive planning and making arrangements! I have lots of lists, and I'm checking them twice, no thrice... no lots and lots of times :) Let's hope I don't lose my little notebook or I'll have no clue what's going on!

We head out mid-June. We decided to stay 2 nights in New Orleans since I've never been there. So we'll sightsee and check stuff out as much as we can with very busy little ones. On the way to NO we're stopping in the Beaumont area to meet up with a mom friend of mine. We've been friend for over 3 years due to my online moms group, so even though we "talk" daily it'll be our first times meeting! Yay! Fun! It's always a big deal and bout of jealousy when people from the group get to meet up!

From NO we head to Birmingham for the night, leaving the next day for Gatlinburg. Our final destination for that leg of our trip. Greg's mom's family is getting together. I've only met a couple of them, so this will be nice. Plus it's a great excuse to get together with Greg's family... we're staying in a 5 bedroom house in the mountains, how fun. We've never been to Gatlinburg either! We'll be there for 4-5 days but oh no, we don't head home yet.

We will then drop Greg off at the Nashville airport so he can get home and back to work. The boys and I will head up to the Haute to stay with my family for a week or so! Then after we've thoroughly worn out our welcome we'll head home... the 3 day trip home... with just me and the boys. That's going to be the roughest part of the trip! Of course after all that we've done, we'll just be ready to be home. I'm a bit worried about some of the logistics like unloading and packing the car when I have the both of them. But it'll be an adventure for sure! By the time everything is said and done we'll be gone for 19 days... 7 days on the road... over 9 states!

I've been spending lots of time researching our trip, finding the right hotels, places to stop, eat, etc... my brain is starting to hurt! But it's a good hurt ;)


Kate said...

you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

You are a brave woman....flying alone with the two of them! Have a great trip!

Tys said...

Oh no no Aimee... I'll be driving the THREE days back home with them... no flying. I'm not sure which would be worse!

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!! You are a brave woman :) Have lots of fun!!!
Steph (IL)

Jess said...

You need to add a few days and head on down to GA and visit with April and I!!! I hope y'all have a safe and fun trip!

Tys said...

You know Jess, I thought about that. I used to live in Atlanta for a few years. I have people I need to see! But I think adding one more leg to our journey would be the straw to break the already haggard camels back! ;)