Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yes! Early risers no matter when they go to bed!

It's official though... my kids have Indiana Farmer in their blood! They're up with the sun! I've always known that. No matter how much it shocks people about they're earlier bed time. Not many get it or attempt to understand. My kids get up with the sun pretty much, even though I darken Evan's room. In the winter they never sleep later that 7:30am even if the sun isn't up yet. Plain and simple they're both just earlier risers. Therefore, so that I know they get the right amount of sleep... early bedtimes it is!

Lately I've been thinking that I need to get up before the kids get up. At least enough that I can wake up first. While I'm no longer a night owl, I'm not a peppy early riser... it takes awhile to get the cobwebs out of my head and for my appendages to respond to messages from my brain! I literally run into walls, door frames, the corner of the bed, etc...LOL! The boys have been waking up about 6:30am... so this week Greg and I have been getting up at 6am instead of getting up when they do. It's been okay, nothing earth shattering. But it nice to be awake and sipping my hot tea when they're getting up. Easier to get breakfast going with the nuerotransmitters actually firing and connecting ;)
But of course... they've been pretty much waking up at 6:15 now... so getting up at 6 is losing it's advantage. I refuse to get up any earlier!

The other good thing about getting up early is that we'll be thankful when it's a 120 degrees outside... we can be at the park playing by 8am and home before we melt into pools of sweat.

So since I talked about sleeping and waking. Thought I'd share a pic I shared on FB the other day... when Jake wakes up from his nap, Evan and I go in to get him and Evan loves to climb in bed and lay with him even if it's just for 2 minutes. It's very cute!


Ayelet said...

I hear ya! My kiddos usually wake up around 5:30...I definitely like to be up before them so I can have my first cup of coffee but...I'm not willing to be awake at 5 am! Good luck, Mama!

Kate said...

I feel your pain. Mornings should be outlawed (except for the cooler temps of course.)

I know that Jake and Evan fight like crazy, but seeing that picture makes me think about how close they will be when they are older.