Sunday, June 13, 2010

First stop New Orleans!

Not sure how much I'll be updating until July... so I'll try when I can.

Today we began our road trip! First stop my friend Stacy's... I've actually known her for over 3 years through my online moms group I talk about all the time. But this was the first time we met in person... how crazy is that?? Even crazier was that it felt totally normal, like we meet up all the time. The kids played (Evan loved their toys) and we ate a very yummy lunch!

When we left the boys were asleep before we even got out of their neighborhood!!

After Baton Rouge, the boys were getting restless, but we saw it was reaching temps of 100 outside. So we stopped at the Mall of Louisiana, that way the boys could walk around and stretch their legs.

Before arriving at the hotel we stopped at a yummy little local place recommended by a friend. We enjoyed fried pickels and shrimp po boys! YUM!

Finally got to the hotel, and now everyone is already ready to crash (Evan actually already did!). Our plans tomorrow involve trying to get to Jackson Square (with some eating at Cafe Du Monde that everyone raves about) & French Quarter as early as possible in the morning. There's some ideas of maybe taking the Canal Street ferry, or checking out the WWII museum... not sure... we'll see how the day unfolds and what kind of moods we're ALL in ;)


Ayelet said...

DOUBLE jealous that you are in one of my favorite cities AND that you got to hang out with Stacy! Maybe one day you'll visit Seattle and we can hang out (finally!!) :) Have a great trip!!

Kate said...

Have fun! so glad you got to meet a buddy!

Sarah said...

What a perfect first day! Smooth planning, with the timing to stop at Mall of Louisiana for a walk; I'm impressed! And fried pickles.... mmmmmmmmm!