Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Trip Day 18

Well this is it... we're almost home! YAY! It was another long day... what we had in less mileage we made up for in time with construction and traffic. Blah. But the total highlight of the day was meeting up with my friend Sheri and her kids! Fun! She picked out a perfect park in downtown Tulsa. Our kids played like they've known each other forever, which is saying a lot for someone like Jake! Her oldest helped corral both Evan and Jake from time to time... I need to get me a mother hen like her! I asked if I could take her with, lol!

Only 4-5 more hours tomorrow and we'll be home. Home. I think I'm going to lay in the middle of my kitchen floor and cry tears of joy.

Another mini meltdown tonight, too much to even get into it... but we (I) survived! I wasn't just on the verge of tears this time though... they were real tears. Jake was very concerned and said "Hey mama, how bout funny faces? They'll make you happy!" and proceeded to do various goofy faces... what a good kid! Jake has also been such the big boy with helping me. He carrys stuff for me, pushes Evan in the umbrella stroller if needs be, holds Evan's hand, and even climbed under the back of the truck to get Evan's sippy that rolled under it. All while wearing his buzz lightyear baseball cap that is too big for his head... it's super cute!

There's a moms night out tomorrow with my moms group... I really want to go... a margarita sounds just like what the doctor (the looney bin doc that is) ordered! But don't know if I'll have enough get up and go left!

We shall see...

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