Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sorry, not much to report!

Just planning and making lists and running errands for our trip! We leave on Sunday!

It's amazing how cut & dry packing can seem until you're really doing it! Poor boys are wearing mismatched outfits at home because I don't want to have to do laundry before we leave, ha ha! Luckily, we'll be able to easily do laundry on the trip!

Looks like our time in New Orleans will be hindered by the fact that all the cool stuff is closed on Mondays... most things run from Tues-Sunday. But we're definitely going to go to Jackson Square, check out Cafe Du Monde that everyone raves about, and probably just walk around taking in the surroundings! Lots of friends have given helpful hints and ideas!

Once we're in Gatlinburg, we're just going to see how things unfold I guess. No real plans. Suppose to be dinner each night at someone else in the family's cabin. We'll make what we can make, with the boys being early birds dinner isn't the best time of day with them. Anyone that has spent the "witching hour" and dinner with us can vouch for that! They're more angels for breakfast, when no one else but us is awake! ha! The reunion is on Saturday, starting out the day with family photos. The big decision is white shirts with jeans or white shirts with khakis. There doesn't seem to be a firm decision, so I'm packing both... and I'm also packing  2 sets of white shirts for the boys. I mean come on, what's the life span for a white shirt on an 18 mth old and a 3 year old??? Not long I tell ya, not long! And by default no white shirt last long on me either... so i'm thinking of wearing a shirt over my shirt... people are going to think us more strange than ever... but there's a method to the madness, I swear!!

I've been sleeping lately! After an email from a friend giving me her experience, I decided to start taking a 1/2 tablet of unisom at night. I used to when I was preggo with Evan, but was worried since now there are 2 kids to wake up with IF they wake up. It's been great... I've gotten 5 nights in a row so far of 7 hours of sleep. I'm still tired, and would love to sleep any minute of the day... but that sheer exhausted feeling and ache deep in my bones and joints isn't as prevelant. So hoping this marks the beginning of getting over 5 mths of insomnia!! Sleep is a good thing!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip and I'm so glad to hear theat you are sleeeping again! Love, Aunt J

Ellie Davis said...

Hope the packing continues to go well and we'll miss you while you're gone! And SO glad you are getting some sleep!!! :) YAY!

Sarah said...

glad you're sleeping Tyson. Have fun Fun FUN on your trip! I know you will :)