Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just one thing, but it's a start!

This weekend we did some shopping. One thing I've had my eye out for is a painting to put on the wall in the "hallway" portion of our living room.  While we love our rug, it's a rare color blue & green. Makes it hard to match. But we lucked out at Home Goods! Found a painting that IS naturey enough for me, but not too much for Greg. The living room has been the hardest to decorate... 2 stories high walls, fireplace with a window over it, and really not that many walls... it's more made by the placement of columns.

The pictures don't really do the space any justice, it doesn't look as washed out in person. It's actually quite a punch of color, especially when the hallway lights are on, it spots like the painting. The kitchen/living room/hallway/entry area of our home is very very busy... so I wanted it to be very serene.

So little by little and very sllllloooooooooooooowlllllllllyyyyyyyyyy we're making our house our home! 'Bout time! ;)