Sunday, July 25, 2010

The living room is gettting less bare!

Last night was date night! Babysitter arrived and off we went! Home decor shopping that is... wait that's not what everyone else does on date night? Hmmmmm. It's just hard to really shop with the boys (as I've mentioned a million times before). We had major plans to hit up a bunch of stores... only made it as far as Garden Ridge and Cost Plus World Market. I haven't been to Garden Ridge since I lived in Atlanta, miss that place, I really could wander for hours in there! World Market we haven't been to since we lived in IL, so not as long, but still, miss it!

We ended up getting lots of odds and ends at Garden Ridge... you know... Margarita glasses, glass beverage dispenser on a wrought iron stand, dividers to organizer clutter in my vanity drawer, a pot for a plant, and 2 kids books. Random, I know.

When we got out of Garden Ridge it looked like the Nothing from Neverending Story (extra points if you know what I'm talking about!!) was rolling in... craziness... but off to World Market we went!

We had 20 mins until the store closed... found a chair for the living room (we've been looking for months), got a new bath rug for the guest bath (you don't even want to know what happened to the old one... living with toddlers is yucky sometimes!) and pillows for the couch, loveseat and new chair in the living room. Score!

After that I was craving a margarita something fierce, went to a place called Guadalajara (no plane ride required)... ended up with a margarita swirled with frozen sangria... oh my! It was lovely!

Made Greg get the chair out this morning and then we went swimming!! Here's some pics (we get loads of early morning sun, no wonder we're up and at 'em!!)...

Yep, Ev, it's a box! The boys are having fun with it right now!

After I took the pictures I retrieved a perfect little side table from our attic. All we need now is a lamp on the other side (or behind) the chair. Perhaps one that is oil rubbed bronze and a swing arm? Not sure... like I said last week, one thing at a time, baby steps :)


Kate said...

Go you!

April said...

Love it! The chair is darling!

Sara said...

Very cute furniture! I know what you mean about shopping with the kids. Sounds like a great date night!