Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not sure where to start again!

I feel totally overwhelmed with getting back to normal... but crave it oh so much! It still feels rather whirlwind like and the rain, oh the buckets and buckets of rain, is making it hard to completely return to normal.

The 4 day weekend was nice. After 3 weeks of being gone, it took 2 trips to the grocery store to restock and I'll probably go again tonight on the way home from a MNI. Part of that was because while I was gone 2 mama friends had a baby, one had surgery, and another returned home from a very long unexpected hospital stay. I signed up to take them all meals this week. Two down, two to go! I didn't want to miss out on lending a hand so figured it'd be best when I got back and knock them all out at the same time! So far so good!

In returning home after being gone for so long, I could smell the new construction smell of our home that I haven't smelled in a year! I also noticed how bare our home really is... pretty embarassing considering I went to school for Interior & Architectural Design! So it's renewed a sense of wanting to finally make our home look like we actually you know, live here! Be expecting to see a couple posts on the subject in the next few months as we really try to make an effort to decorate! I have tons of ideas, but find it hard to put into fruitation. Here goes nothing!

As for the boys... they're doing good. They were so freaking good on our trip. Really. Did awesome with the 8-9 hr multiple days in the car, sleeping in different places over the 19 days, not getting to sleep as long/much as normal or as early, did well with being around so many family members that they don't really know, and it was so unbelieveably HOT everywhere we went (I swear it followed us!). Now that we're home, they're quite the handful, making up for lost time/antics I guess. Jake is getting to be a bonafide KID and Evan is a passionate, emotional, very active toddler who can steal your heart and break it all in the same second!

So to sum up, we're hanging in there and getting back to normal ;)


Aimee said...

"steal your heart and break it at the same time" that description!

Liz said...

So happy you're home!!! Can't wait to see some of your ideas for your house.