Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh the fun of a box!

You got to see a preview in the last post... Evan in the box. Well that box has been played with (and tooth & nail fought over) since then! I didn't get any sleep last night.. Jake decided not to sleep at all. He hasn't done that since he was a little baby. In the few hours I did have in which to sleep, my insomnia was running rampant... and since Murphy's law is especially fond of our house, both both boys were roosters this morning and up at the crack of dawn! So I'm going to try to blog about something fun or I'll just start talking about how miserable I am at this very moment. Greg has been gone for a work thing since Sunday... I will be collaspsing and going to bed the moment he walks in the door this evening.

On to more fun things! Took the box outside yesterday to color on it with crayons! There was no way in hades I was going to let them color on it while inside the house, not my kids!! I do believe we had some fun.

They both thought it was neat that I drew a TV on the side and a sembalance of Max & Ruby on it.

Now, to survive the day!

P.S. Things I learned during this event.... 1) you miss good pics when your camera is all fogged up due to the humidity. 2) when it's this hot outside, you really can draw on yourself with crayons. 3) Even better, it's so hot that after about 20 mins you've sweated so much you can't even tell you just had crayon smeared all over you! 4) it's really hot inside a cardboard box... even in the shade, on the patio with the ceiling fan on! Whew!


Kate said...

Aiden was really upset when we finally threw away the box he had been playing in since we moved. Yes, even at 9 a box is entertaining.

ourbabymakesfour said...

You THOUGHT you would be crashing when Greg got home but instead you were looking for Suki! Poor Tyson :( Love the coloring in the box... that's fun!