Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yesterday Greg comes home, but I decide to just stay awake and then go to bed early. The dog was smelly, so I decide to give her a bath with my "kids not up my butt" free time. It's so hot, she really needed it. She's not the easiest dog to give a bath... she HATES water. I swear she's just an overgrown cat in so many ways.

Dog clean. Then we ate dinner and I suggested Greg take the boys on a walk since it wasn't raining for once this week! Off they go. I come back inside to do a couple things, then head back out to the garage to fill birdfeeders, take out trash & recycling. I see the door into the garage open. I make sure the cat is still in the house, because she runs out every single time now. She was in the house. So I close the door and go about my business.

It's now 8:30pm, Jake is in bed and we can't find the dog anywhere. That's when I remember the open door at 5:15pm. OH NO. It's been over THREE hours. She's not a darter or known for running away, but IF she's ever gotten out, that nose goes to the ground and she zones out and away she goes without a clue.

Greg gets in the car. I call a neighbor to ask her to just come sit in the house since the boys are asleep. I post pics on facebook and our neighborhood site so people can call if they see her. I take off walking and yelling. I started to tear up... after three hours I was invisioning her dead on one of the more busy roads. OR since she's such an unique looking dog, I figure someone would just snag her for themselves (they do that around here).

The lo and behold the street I'm walking on, intersects with a street Greg just turned down, and there she was!! Whew! What a relief! It was so refreshing to know that we had neighbors to call on that were more than willing to help look for her or come to our house so we could look. In IL we didn't have that on single iota. What a wonderful amenity our neighborhood has been for our move here!

Of course, Suki just had that look of "What??"

So in honor of furry champion, here are some pics... wish I had the ones of her as a puppy on here, she was sooooo cuddly and cute! Here's Miss Suki Lou... turned 5 this April. We got her about a month after we got married. We had ups and downs with her as a puppy... but she is such a good dog (besides shedding and sometimes vomiting if she doesn't eat at her routine times - eyeroll-). I know sometimes we complain that having animals is like have 2 more kids... but in all honesty she's easier than the cat most days! I have very cute pics of her on facebook, but apparently I don't have them on the computer... so these are the only ones I can find!

How Jake used to walk Suki (he's Evan's age now in these pics!)

Cousin Payton with Suks at Christmas 2009

Both of them zonked out, I've always thought this pic was so cute!

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Anonymous said...

Hey T ~ So glad Suki was found saf and sound. I knoe the feeling of a lost dog and the happiness when they are found again. Love ya, Aunt J