Thursday, August 19, 2010

A couple more home improvement projects!

I warned you all a month ago that we were gonna be making a push at decorating the house a little more!

Here's two more projects we've completed.

There's a little hallway (abt 7 ft) that goes from the living room area to the master bedroom. We decided a photo collage was really need there. Photo collages are more work than you think. First I had to round up all our frames that were pretty much black (refused to buy anything!). Then go through all our pictures in person and mostly on the computer to decide which pictures to use. I wanted it mostly black & white with a few color ones to pop. Then I had to figure out a good placement/layout for them. That took me a long while. Then I moved them to put the pictures in them, thinking I'd remember how they went... um, no, not at all. It took me another 2 hours and all of the 2012 movie to figure it out again. I wanted them somewhat lined up in places, but random, yet leaving the same amounts of negative space. It made my brain hurt. The easiest part was putting them up surprisingly enough!

Then I went to Target the other night and got a table using some giftcards! Put a vase on the table that was a wedding present. The flowers need some work. We had it at the townhouse, so the colors are different and they're a bit beat up from being moved and then stored until now. I'm really happy the project only cost us about $2... the price to print out the pics we didn't already have printed and that was it!

The next project was for Jake's room. I don't think I've shown his room before, most of it was done when we first moved in. This is his big boy room! It was hard because everything is so cartoony or really expensive....finally after much online browsing I found what I had in mind! I painted his initals, put on new ribbon, and I also painted the wall art (the 4 square canvases with the vehicles) in his room. I'm very proud of that too by the way. Very much, in fact, I always point it out when showing his room... I can't help it. It was such a creative relief that turned out well!

Soon we'll get a bookcase for that corner with the basket of stuffed animals. He gets little snowglobes and trinkets when we travel... starting to really fill up his shelf in the other picture... so time for a bookcase! The desk is from Cost Plus World Market, but we got it over 6 years ago for our home in IL. They no longer carry the bookcase that matches the desk... darn it! So still hunting for a good option!

Last but not least, the project last weekend was to paint this chair. This chair was my moms, was probably my grandma's originally. I've had it since college. It's been white, light blue, pink and then green when I had it. Now it's Jake's chair for his desk and it's a fun glossy blue! Not sure how much he'll be using it yet, since when we do "learning time" it's at the kitchen table. Next year will be Pre-K and then Kindy! Wow! So while I won't be prepared mentally or emotionally... at least he has a desk & chair ;) I know there's quite a bit of space between the shelf and the table. Figure a alphabet chart, or numbers to 100, or multiplication chart or whatever will eventually go there... or probably a bulletin board someday. But let's not think THAT far ahead, I might cry!

I didn't get a before pic, but lets just say it need a good coat of paint ($4 can of spray paint in fact)! It was so worn down it didn't even need to be sanded! That box makes it's last appearence and final use since it started out as the box the chair came in, to a house for the boys, to coloring on it, and now it was used for this project. Then it was put into recycling on Monday! I think it had a good useful life!

Thanks for letting me share our projects! How do you think we're doing? See anything you like? Does it give you any ideas for us or yourself?


Anonymous said... do you do it with two kids in the house?

Anonymous said...

Hey T ~ I really enjoyed the journey of your blog today. Loved the pictures and frames and can totally relate to how much work that kind of decorating requires. I truly loved the table; it is just the right touch for the end of the hallway. I also enjoyed seeing Jake's big boy room too. My, how time marches on. Much Love, Aunt J