Thursday, August 5, 2010

Got it fixed! Yay! Now for randomness...

Got the background fixed, it was really easy... not sure why I'm so brain-dead about it at first.

So the mirror and lights weren't a hit huh? Yah, probably not as exciting as I thought it was ;)

Totally embarassing predicament last night. Had bunco with the ladies on my street, it's always a good time. Before we played we were eating and chatting. One of the ladies mentioned something about my undecorated house. It kind of hurt to know that my undecorated house in the topic of conversation.  totally realize it's undecorated. And yes, I am personally a bit embarrassed by it. However there are many many things that come into play here.

1. We over TRIPLED our space when we moved here. The scale of the things we used to have just don't work here.

2. We were smart and readily accepted and made due with hand-me-down stuff. Worked great for our first home... but is starting to be glaringly obivious in this house... can't really put it into words.

3. Newsflash... we have kids! I'm not going to raise them in a constant state of "don't touch that!". Us being home together, we have the maximum chance of ruining stuff with sneaky sticky fingers, runaway runny noses, and the stowaway sippy cup! Our beautiful bedding already has a huge run/snag in the very top of the comforter from the dog (or a kid) chasing the cat one day AND a perfect set of handprints on the silk part that won't come out :(  Oh and no one should kid themselves, all the raving about microfiber is hogwash!

4. Seems like anything we want to furnish starts easily at $200 and usually is more like $500. We don't use our credit cards and we put money into our savings, retirement, the boy's savings and their college 529s. $500 is a lot to come up with everytime we want to finish (ok, start) a room. I don't know how people go out and furnish their homes so fast! I'm simply amazed!! I refuse to spend ungodly amounts of money or use credit just to furnish our home... it's home w/o all that, even though I would LOVE for each room to look like a magazine spread.

5. I get an idea in my head of how I want something to look... then can never find the items to complete my vision. I really need to become a carpenter and make furniture, ha!

6. Even when I was in school... I was never much of a "decorator", I was more of a designer. My thing was space planning, budgeting, solving issues in the space, etc. I never was about what vase went where, it was more about what window should go where, what is the most functional layout for this home... so I guess it's still true for me now. But, people don't realize that... they lump it all together.

7. Last but not least, it takes me months to get Greg and I on the same page. We approach just about everything in a team manner (it would feel wrong not to do so)... even though sometimes I do secretly (okay, not so secret, because I DO tell him) wish he would be like some husbands that just let their wives do whatever with the house! hee hee!

It's my turn to host bunco next month!! I'm totally feeling the pressure now. We do a tour of your home before we play... I know they'll all be expecting to be wowed... no wowing here I'm afraid :(   Just a home that can be lived in and enjoyed. It's not a museum and it's certainly NOT a magazine layout.


Megan @ Meanwhile... said...

Well, Tys, I'd love to see some pics of your home sometime. I promise not to scoff because I know you'd never scoff at my haphazard mix of "decor". And, thank you for helping debunk the microfiber myth. That stuff is crap. What I would give for traditional upholstery on my sectional. Next time, that's for sure! Try not to let it bug you, we all have our own styles and standards...and timelines. We've lived here for almost 4 years and I'm still working at getting it decorated!

Anonymous said...

People say the silliest things in passing....I wouldn't worry too much. And I agree with you, it is hard to decorate in a kid friendly fashion, not to mention on a "sending your kids to college" friendly budget. I went to an acquaintance's house recently and it was straight out of pottery barn beautiful...but her poor kid didn't even get the playroom to himself, just a little corner of it. We all have our priorities I guess...yours sound just fine to me!

Sarah said...

If you ever want to feel better about yourself, talk to me about my un-decorated house. Also, I have the contact info of a pretty amazing furniture designer/contractor/whatever-it's-called. He's doing stuff for us... one piece at a time.