Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let there be light!

Yesterday was a long, but good day. Greg's old coworker from IL got transferred down here and they moved to the neighborhood next to us last week! We had them and other "oil industry" friends (ha ha) over for some dinner and hanging out! It went well. Eefore all that, the day started with an early morning grocery trip, then back home to clean, went to a birthday party at the splash pad & clubhouse for our little neighbor. Back home for naps, cooking, and cleaning before our get together!

This morning I guess we had a bee in our bonnet still... we were at Lowe's by 8:30am! We went to Lowe's to get some wasp spray and air filters. Which somehow ended up into impromtu (but WAS planned in the future) purchases and a trip to Home Depot and Best Buy... resulted in:

- New Guest Bathroom light fixture
- New Guest Bathroom Mirror
- New Master Bathroom light fixture
- New Kitchen light fixture
- 2 new houseplants
- and more!

Good thing was we DID remember to still get the wasp spray and air filters. Once we got home we found that the mirror was broken (pretty sure it was already like that, so please no 7 years bad luck for us. I kept telling him it couldn't be good that it was rattling in the box!). So Greg went back to return and went to another Lowe's for a new one. Best Buy was right next door... which prompted him to buy a new receiver (needed for the surround sound). The current receiver was actually struck by lightening 7 years ago. The dvd portion of it stopped working 5 years ago and now the it just doesn't recognize any power. It would cost more to fix it than to just replace it with just the receiver version (we have a separate dvd player). Then once Greg got home, here's how the rest of our day went:

Guest Bathroom sans mirror w/ old fixture... which I'm at a lost for how to explain it.
It's not bad, it's not outdated really, but it's nothing really that special.

Jake entertaining himself in front of the old mirror

The new chunky white framed mirror!!

New mirror & light fixture

Better pic of the light fixture, I like the little bubbles in the glass

A blurry, not very good shot of the new light in our bathroom.
We do have vanity lights over our sinks too, so no worries, this isn't our only light in here!

Up close pic of the light in our bathroom!

This standard ole light that was in the bathroom made it's way into my pantry.
It's so nice to have better lighting in there! But now I fear I need to organize the pantry :(

Which brings us to the kitchen light. Yet another bad pic, sorry! I also don't have one of the old one... but for being a brand new fixture in a brand new house, it was very 70's. As you'll notice, I'm still on a hunt for a table set for this space... much harder than I ever thought!!

Hopefully a better pic showing the detail a bit more.
The scrolls rather match the ones in our railing for the hallway and stairs.
Oh, and we added the little medallion on the ceiling as well...
little architectural details like this can make such a huge difference!
We hope to put a bigger one up in the dining room whenever I'll be able to convince Greg to do all this again... so I dunno, about a year from now ;)

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