Sunday, August 15, 2010

Letting blog opportunities pass me by!

I keep thinking "oh this would be fun to blog about" then life gets hectic and I feel the moment has passed.

So nothing specific but...

- Paintbrushes dipped in water for "painting" the fence, house, cars, etc... hold more novelty than the actual blow up pool. Said blow up pool kept them entertained for 1 hr and 45 mins the first day, then 45 mins the next morning then sadly only 30 mins later that afternoon :( Was sure hoping they'd spend more time & attention on it. "Painting" still held their attention longer... in fact Evan looks for his paintbrush and bucket each time we go out and says... "Water! Bucket! Paint! Please!". Jake's "painting" is "washing his car" he even wants a rag to throw over his shoulder like the carwash guys! Funny kids!

- bubbles in the dipping container dry up too fast in the Texas heat before the boys can figure out not to spit or blow so hard and actually make bubbles!

- when in a pool for Mom's Night, you tend to drink more. Guess because you can't really set your drink down, so you just keep drinking. I had my first hangover in oh about SEVEN years. This just means I drank 4 glasses of wine instead of 2. Sure, laugh at me, hardy-har-har! ;)

- found a rug for under the kitchen table, should be getting it tomorrow.. stay tuned!

- I just finished rereading on of my all time favorite books.. The Alienist by Caleb Carr... it's more or less about the hunt for a serial killer in 1896 and the beginning of forensics and criminal psychology. Good stuff. I've yet to ever find another book like it!

- Went to CVS last night... had a 20% off coupon for entire purchase. So I stocked up on items that I had a coupon for AND were on sale or you'd get back extra bucks (free money!). Been along time since I've let the coupon queen out to play. My bill was $140 before coupons... I paid $90. Yah $90 is still alot for a trip to CVS but like I said, I stocked up on stuff... Qtips, lotion, bodywash, shampoo, contact stuff, moisturizer, visine and various other odds and ends. I was rather pleased.

edited to add: due to my purchases, I also received $9 in extra bucks to use towards any CVS purchase in the future... remind me they expire Sept 13th though!!

- This morning we walked around the lake, fed ducks, cooed at baby ducks, played at the park, lost 8 lbs in sweat alone, home for a snack, off to the pool, home for lunch & boys naps... then we painted a chair for Jake's room! Wonder what's in store for the rest of the day?

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Anonymous said...

WOW T ~ you ARE the coupon Queen! $50.00 savings is awesome. Love ya, Aunt J