Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pull up a chair...

and check out our NEW kitchen dining set! I'm in love *swoon*.

In my last post I mentioned hand-me-down furniture. Our kitchen table is almost 28 years old... it was Greg's parents table until he inherited it in 2002. It didn't ever seem to outdate in the townhouse... here it was glaringly obvious. We were both ready for a change.

Of course, I had an idea for something that I couldn't find. Ones I would find would get horrible reviews, and we did take a chance and purchased one online that was NOT antique white, it was buttercream yellow for sure! I wanted a white table, something to be fresh and living in the kitchen area. The dining room is more formal with the black & dark wood tones. Our kitchen has almost black granite, dark wood cabinets, chocolate colored walls and I accent with black accessories. So a nice white set would pop just like wonderful molding does on painted walls. Aaahhh... just imagining it is refreshing!

Finally we just decided to swing by Gallery Furniture on Sat morning and planned at stopping at the Dump (an actual furniture store for those that don't know!) afterwards. We're looking for rugs, coffee/end tables, a console table and as always a kitchen table.

500 black or very dark table sets later... I found our set!! It wasn't exactly what I originally had in mind, but it was just right afterall! I was soooo excited, I would of jumped up and down... but for some reason did not. We had it delivered that day... oh my, the difference it makes! We love it!! Greg said he's helping me save face for the bunco group next month. Aw, what a guy ;)

Now I'm on the hunt for a black & creme or beige indoor/outdoor rug to put under the table

The wood part of the table & chairs is actually the same color
as our kitchen cabinets and our entertainment center in the connecting living room!

I love the detail, don't you?

Seeing that above picture reminded me I never shared this. I did this project for our kitchen. When Jake was born Greg's mother gave me his baby spoon & fork and then his Grandmother gave us her baby fork (engraved)! So I asked my Grandma and she passed on to me my mother's baby spoon (engraved with name & date) and another baby spoon from my Grandpa's side of of the family. I polished them up and put them in a shadow box. How neat is it? I love showing it and talking about it when people notice it in our home. The hook is where I hang seasonal decor. This pic is from last fall, so no worries I'm not "Happy Harvesting"... yet... but I am quite pleased!


Kate said...

Looks fabulous!

Ellie Davis said...

LOVE it. So cute! Can't wait to see it in person.

April said...

It's beautiful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do love the detail. I also especially love the way you 'chat' like I'm sitting right next to you enjoying a cup of my favorite coffee. :) Love you loads T! Aunt J

ourbabymakesfour said...

i love it!!!!!!

Carmen said...

ooooh! I love it!