Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spam I am!

Yah, me, spam I am. My email was hacked early this morning and spammed everyone I've ever cooresponded with! Viagra anyone? Geeeez. I have no clue how it happened as to I know all the scams and take all the precautions.

I can't believe how many people contacted me over it. I mean, I'm thankful in a way... but the amount of people that did... do they think I'm stupid or have lost my mind??? I'm glad most realized it was spam and not my doing, but still a bit unsettling.

I'm just glad it was spam and not a virus it was hitting everyone with. If spam gets this kind of reaction, I can only imagine the reaction of sending a virus!


April said...

I got the link, but it was pretty obvious from the url on the link that it was spam and I didn't open it. I would have replied to tell you "Hey Tyson, you've been hacked" buuuut I figured that probably everyone else was going to be letting you know, so I deleted it and moved on :-)

Tys said...

Yah, not to sound ungrateful. Letting me know is one thing... I got quite the long, blaming & bothersome reactions from some! Eeek!