Monday, August 16, 2010

We've got it covered!

The kitchen floor that is! Wow what a difference it makes, visually I'm not used to it yet!

Our lovely chairs did make a ridiculously LOUD noise when you'd pull them away from the table. Only because they're wooden chairs on a tile floor. Problem solved. Visually the table was getting lost on the beige tile floor. Problem solved.

This is an indoor/outdoor rug... hoping it'll help keep the crummies swept up. On the tile floor pretty much the only thing to really take care of it was moping. It'll be nice just to vaccuum the rug when needed and not mop as much!

So like anything in our house, it's a long ordeal/process and it involves the boys!

First they walked on it like a balance beam while it was rolled up. Then I unrolled it and they both pretend to sleep on it!

Evan sucking his thumb, tired of the whole process of me shimmey-ing the table onto the rug, then centering the rug AND the table in the right place. By the way, Mr. Evan is 20 mths today!

Immediately the rug gets used/broken in... kettle corn popcorn snack gets eaten over it and the dog is laying on it (Jake's blanket dog AND the real dog!).

Looking back, it's so sunny... only an hour later it's pitch black out like it might storm.

Overall, I'd say the rug is a success! Bonus is that we got it at a really great price! I always get leary buying stuff online that I can't see/touch in person... but I'm happy with it! Like I keep saying... one piece at a time, slowly but surely!


Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ LOVE the rug and all the pictures. Love, Aunt J

ourbabymakesfour said...

Love the rug!!!

Sarah said...

ooooh!!! ahhhhhhh....

April said...

I have wanted an indoor/outdoor rug for our dining room since we moved in! I love yours! And when we got a new rug for our den, our kids did the same thing, the second we unrolled it, they were rolling around on it!