Sunday, August 29, 2010

When he's not looking but we are

The Evster isn't much for posing, and doesn't rank cooperating very high either. Top it off, I'm not much of a photographer :(

I experimented yesterday with being on the other side of the yard and just zooming in. He was off in his own little world playing with the hose. He simply LOVES playing with the hose. Pretty sure he's given his sinuses a good cleansing many times, we go through at least 3 outfits a day, and his favorite thing is to put his hand over the end of it. He tickles himself pink with surprise when it shoots him in the face!

Of course I didn't capture what I wanted (since I couldn't catch his facial expressions since I didn't want him to know I was taking pics!)... I wanted it to capture how awed, proud, enthused, and happy we are when we sneakingly watch him play (when he thinks he's "alone"). I wanted to show how completely enthralled in wonder and simplicity he is when playing with the hose. He really loves it, and we really love this little guy... or as we call him... Big Little!


Anonymous said...

Cute nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

'Little Big' seems to be having such a good time playing. It's also a good way to cool off in the summer heat! Love, Aunt J