Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's below 90, time for Fall Decor!

This week started off with it finally being under 90 degrees... so break out the fall decor in Texas!!

Here's our fireplace in our living/family room. Notice something odd... a window over the fireplace... yep! It makes it really hard to decorate Jan-Sept though. I've been seeing wreaths over mirrors all over bloggyland and thought... wait! Why not over that window?? Pulled out a tired old fall wreath, wrapped some ribbon around it and viola!

I like to keep a bucket/basket (okay, a planter!) of fun holiday toddler friendly books, stuffed animals, and silly masks & glasses for the kiddos! It's nice to have things they can touch and play too!

My inspiration for this post is to participate in my first linky party! This one is Fall Mantels, hosted by the Nesting Place and one at Hooked on Houses as well. Check them out! I got so in the Fall Decor mode, I just took off and here are some other things I did as well.

Dining Room Table Centerpiece

I really had fun doing this tray! When I was done it sorta reminds me of one of those "I Spy" games, LOL!

The tray is an old tray that I spray painted black... have had for years and never ever used it! How nice to have something I'll use now!

If you look you'll see a tiny cloche in there! The base was a recent project and the dome is from a butter dish (so even smaller than cheese domes I've seen people using) but fit the base perfectly.

While doing the centerpiece, my china cabinet kept wanting attention. My dining room isn't really my favorite place right now, and decorating it has been a thorn in my side since we moved here. Here's how it normally looks (bor-ing!)

Greg is going to paint it black this month, so that's exciting stuff. I put some fall decor in there but wasn't done... took a little detour and decided to decorate the top for once and for all (that poor pathetic plant wasn't cutting it!) and ended up with this.

Yay! It looks so much better!

All the decorating for everything was with stuff I already had and a little trip outdoors with the boys collecting some pinecones! I did purchase the white ceramic carafe ($9 at Home Goods) for on top the cabinet and the ribbon for the wreath ($.99 at JoAnns)... with my yardsale mad money ;)

I'm a smidge nervous, this is the first time I'm linking my blog up for others to see my stuff! It's not as magazine/catalog quality as I see in most others... but what the heck! I'll give it a whirl! What do you think?

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So I've had quite the pep in my step lately... just happy & content. Especially with all my little projects going on... maybe I'm just high on paint fumes! HA! But I'm loving spray painting and repurposing things!

My baby has been the cabbage. It's been quite a process and this morning I was just about to declare it done. It slipped out of my hands and while I caught it, it scraped the top edges along the patio. Off is all the paint, the green is peeking through and the paint job all around it is all rough and jagged.

I'm probably dissportionately sad. But it was DONE and looked awesome and now.... blah! It's gonna take more time and I suspect it's never going to be perfect. Which would be okay if it was on the side, or bottom... I could arrange it just so... but this is right on top and on 3 "leaf points" that stick up.

On a good note, the big deep tray painted black has turned out great and so as the candle base turned cloche base. Right now, I'm just mourning the white cabbage. This white cabbage has inspired me so and since it was my first "project" I was even calling my "design services company" (for myself by myself in my own mind) "The White Cabbage"... yah... sigh....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Laundry Room Ideation Board

Like I said before I'm slow. 
Since conception of the Laundry Room Makeover I've cleaned the room and I've halfway decided what bulk items to store up in the shelves above the machines (they're hard to reach and are set up for the use of toploaders not front loaders) and get other stuff out of the room that does not belong.

I did come up with an ideation board for the room, which really helped win Greg over... so much so he offered to paint the room! Woo-hoo! I should be making these for the whole house! I actually did make them in school for my design classes... by HAND (foam core, mat board, fabrics, catalog pics, pictures, samples, etc)! Of course computer courses took off the minute I graduated... nothing like being outdated the moment you step out into the world. Anyway, that's neither here or now... but it is FUN to do for my own home at my own pace ;) Jen over at iHeartOrganizing did a post on her Style Tiles last week and it inspired do it myself!

The dry erase calendar boards (how our family stays organized!), the laundry sorter rack, and washer & dryer on pedestals are already in there. The rug I had but have never used, it's my inspiration piece since it's made with remnants of my Grandpa's jumpsuits. I have a very old ugly footstool that will get some white spray paint and reupholstered (fits just right between my machines so I can easily reach the shelves now). Also have a mail sorter with key hooks that's in there now that will also face the mercy of a can of white spray paint!

To acquire:
Sherwin Williams "Hazel" (a shabby chic aqua-y sort of robins egg blue) sample is above
White background with blue/aqua paisleys to make curtains to cover shelves
Wicker type Laundry Basket for top of sorter (sort of vintage like)

All in all not bad. I'd love to keep the budget under $50... but won't be upset if I at least keep it under $100! Leftover funds will be moved over to my coat closet makeover fund! Did I mention the coat closet is right across the hall and will be painted the same color?? Swoon!

Going Monday with some awesome ladies to JoAnns to help me buy my fabrics. I'll admit it, I'm a HUGE sissy at the fabric store... it's soooo intimidating! Hopefully armed with measurements, friends, and my yardsale "mad" money will help me overcome being a fabric store sissy! HA!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Can you see what I see?

Here are some items that I "shopped around the house for" and 2 of which were leftover after the yardsale and I was like "eureka! why didn't I think of that before??" It's a big deep tray, a really teeny tray, a candle base, and a ceramic cabbage container thing (I just googled it and found it's a "tureen" and actually selling for $50!).

Here's the plan thus far:

Big tray: will probably be painted black to either go in the living room on whatever coffee table we finally acquire OR maybe on the dining room table as a base for a centerpiece display of some sort.

Tiny tray (yardsale take-back): use as a change/pocket leftovers tray in the laundry room. I primed it yesterday... that palm tree will NOT dissappear! Then I'll paint it whatever accent color seems good once the laundry room makeover is well on it's way. Right now I waiver between yellow, aqua or white. Greg offered to paint the laundry room and coat closet while the boys and I are gone, isn't that awesome!?

The blue candle base (it was another post yardsale take-back): I'm going to paint it black or bronze and use it as a cloche base. Cloches are the old becoming new and lately are becoming all the rage. Check this out. I happen to have a cheese dome lid that fits perfectly over it!

The cabbage: In it's own way it's really cool! I'm envisioning it painted white and sitting on my kitchen counter! Here's my really quick ideation board that I came up with:

Can you see what I see??? Stay Tuned!

(and when I say stay tuned, remember in 2 weeks we'll be gone for a month so all projects will be put on hold until we get back! yay for visiting family! boo for hold ups on my projects, I'm slow enough as it is!)

P.S. Have you noticed a new layout "look" to the blog? I've made some changes here and there. I want to start linking up to some home decor linky parties later in the year, so I had to make a few changes. I added an about me section along with a home stuff, and a crafts & treats (up top)... linking to my previous posts in those areas. Worried you won't still hear about the boys or I'll let design get to my brain.. never! I love to ramble about anything and everything! You'll still be hearing about and seeing them ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's the story Morning Glory?

Yes, I was a big Oasis fan in the 90's ;)

Anyhoo... I wish I could tell you a tale of a little pack of seed how they grew to be this huge plant! But I didn't think of that last March so I only have current pics.

Back in March when we finished our patio and did my window box, I also wanted a vine. Since we still have zero clue what we want to do with our backyard, I didn't want anything permanent. Solution, a little packet of Morning Glory seeds. I planted them by one of our patio roof columns. I totally babied this plant getting it to grow up the gutter and eventually around the column. Once Greg wasn't paying attention and hacked one side of it completely OFF (when it was really young). Since then I he gives it wide berth with the weedeater and I come in and trim the grass around it with scissors! There was also the time I was gone in June when he didn't baby my plants like I do, it was so twisted around itself I had to cut half of it down for it to restart. Oh the trials and tribulations! ha! Here's the plant today!

I have a lot of maternal pride for this plant, and that lil bruiser (and his big bro)!

This has become hummingbird central lately with the flowers. I've actually had to refill my hummingbird feeder almost less than weekly! Which is very rare!!

Love how it reaches out to find stuff to "connect" to!

While the boys and I are gone for a month, I'm going to give Greg the green light to cut it all down in prep for "winter". I don't want to be here when it's done. But it definitely needs to be cut down, and all the stuff cleaned up (lots of dead stuff in the inside layer) and in the spring we'll see it again :)

I can't wait to have more plants, landscaping, etc... in the backyard... but for now, this was my experiment to "garden" without getting too complicated. Fun! Can't wait for next spring!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover Dreams

Well not so much dreams, as insomnia ridden thoughts. Barely slept Saturday night even though I was exhausted. Haven't had that for about 6 weeks, hope it was a one time thing because sleep really IS a glorious thing!

I've become addicted to various decor/design blogs (thanks Steph!) lately and it's lighting a fire under me and getting all these creative ideas going! Here are some I like if you want to take a gander.... (one of my friends!)

That should keep you busy for awhile, it does me ;)

Back to me laying in bed unable to sleep all night (this time also involved me planning our coat closet makeover as well as thinking of all the things I want to spray paint and/or repurpose). I started thinking about some of these wonderful laundry room makeovers I've been seeing all over bloggyland like this , and this, and this, and also this, for example, who wouldn't be tripping over themselves to do laundry!?!? Oh wait and this one too and her post of other inspirations!

Our laundry room is not that big (maybe 6x7) and it's a main thorough-fare from the garage into the house. Doing something to vamp it up will do wonders! First I needed an inspiration... taa-daa!

This is one of those rag rugs. But it's a very special one indeed. This rug is made from my Gpa Bud's old jumpsuits (all he ever wore)! He passed in 2005, miss him so much and wish so badly he could of met the boys. We've had this rug for awhile but never used it. We weren't using these colors in our home at the time. Here, we've really been on a blue kick! Probably since it's so dang hot, we're gravitating towards cooler colors. So this will be my inspiration piece. Thinking the colors will be mainly gray (my w&d are gray), black & white with accents of yellow & aqua. For a laundry room you say?? Oh yes. Just wait and see!! Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yardsale Craziness!!

Woke up at 6am and got my yardsale groove on! It wasn't neccessarily HOT (I mean it was 90, but that's chilly around here compared to the last 6 mths!) but boy oh was it humid, and I was a LOVELY sweat ball with frizzed out hair!! I made way more than I expected! Not that it was a ton, but it was still more than I thought! I have to admit it was also rather nice to have a whole morning of not having to be "mom". I didn't see the kids until noon! ;) That's oh so very very VERY rare, in fact in thinking about it, it's pretty much a FIRST. Oh geez, no wonder I'm nuts!!

Anyway, lots of "interesting" observations and happenings in the yardsale world! Here's some random tidbits:

- One really old (and I mean OLD) woman walked off with my lava lamp! Just walked off! I wasn't going to go tackle her for $.50, but still, funny no?

- I had TWO signs on the table that read " Folded Clothes $.25 each OR 5 for a $1"... every single last person asked "How much are the clothes?"

- Oh yes, please let your child wander into my garage and mess with any old thing (the stuff was in our driveway not the garage).

- I gave up a TON of clothes because they did not fit me. So why did I see people bigger than me buying my clothes? And before you say they could of been buying for someone else... oh know, they were trying them on over their own clothes and asking their friend... does this fit me?? Hmmmm.... maybe my clothes did fit me afterall? Oh well!

- At the end of the day I was downright CLEANED OUT. Someone asks me... "Do you have any mattresses?". I just bit my tongue and said "No"... but really????

- We had an flatter big box in the garage. Someone bought the mirror we removed from the bathroom and says "How about we get that box too?". Gee were you scoping out my garage or WHAT? Sure I gave them the box, but it still was rather unnerving.

- My old serving/waitressing apron from my Stables Steakhouse days worked out really well for yardsale money transaction purposes... go me!

Okay, so I thought I had more, but that's all I have for now! All in all good day. Got rid of a ton of stuff, decluttered and emptied up a lot of storage space... plus I have a little "mad" money now. Greg has already snagged $40 of for his outing to a sports bar to watch the Bears game tomorrow! Hmmmm... that IS madness...oh well ;)

I've become addicted to a ton of repurposing/spray painting/organizing/thrifty decorating/cool seasonal projects blogs. So when we get back from IN I plan to use some of my mad money for that sort of fun! I'm giddy just thinking about it! Oh and to you locals, I'll be looking for a thrifty shopping buddy (or buddies, if I can be so lucky) if anyone wants to have a girls morning out one Saturday scouring a GoodWill or other thrift stores! I gotta post some links to what some of these ladies do on their blogs... we're talking Pottery Barn/Ballard Designs/Williams Sonoma decor (while still designing for YOU!) for a fraction of the cost! Think about it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Why not just play in the rain?

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet." ~Roger Miller

Yep, the pics are facebook repeats! It was time for our afternoon outside time and it was raining...
90 degrees out still, why let rain hamper any play?

Sorry nothing too original, I'm up to my eyeballs in getting ready for our yardsale tomorrow!! I've been preparing for it for over a month. Tagging things as I pull them out of all our nooks & crannies, rubbermaids, cabinets, and especially closets. That last one was the hardest for me. I went in last Saturday and tried on everything I owned. Somethings still fit very nice, others not so much (at.all.)... eeek. Stuff does NOT go back the same after babies and age. Fun. Now I hope I make some $$ to make it worth my while!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tale of an Entertainment Center

This is our entertainment unit. It quite literally took me a year to decorate the side cabinets... but hey they're decorated now! We also went with a sound bar instead of a surround sound system with the multiple speakers. I definitely recommend this for those of you with husbands like mine that want all the fangdangle electronics but you'd like a "less is more" look when it comes to that!

We really like this piece, the only problem with it was that once it was in our home we realized one flaw. When you're walking upstairs you can see into the 2 story family room. Therefore, can see the top of this unit... which you can see the top of the lights and the wires for them. Ugh.

So I came up with a plan... and it only took us a year to put into fruitation (I really should stop admitting this kind of stuff)! It involves radiator screens, tin snips and black spray paint.

Radiator screen because I wanted something that would support itself and not snag, something that covered but also allowed the electrical stuff to breathe. Got some at Lowe's, I was shocked at how expensive they were $25 a panel! We shopped around and found that if they were cheaper it was because they were smaller in size, so therefore we'd just need more. Tin snipped down to size and spray painted black the unslightly cords/top issue is solved! YAY!

Greg did this project while we were gone in June (ie I wasn't here to supervise, ha ha). Glad he did the project and am happy with the results, however, it's not quite done. He cut it to match the exact top of the unit. I would prefer it to fit just inside the unit. That way you can't actually see it on top and it will prevent that slight sag in the middle. So while we're gone next month the revamp is on his honey-do list!

Now if we can just mount this large iron work scrolly thing (yes, that's a technical term) that we got months ago on the wall behind it and just above the unit... we'll be good to go!

Oh and if you noticed the pillows stacked to the side. That's our solution to pillows getting so beat up around here and last longer than one sitting. Might seem silly to some, but it works for us ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just Beachy

This morning we hit the road and headed south to Galveston for a beach day!

It went well. It was hot without being overwhelming a pretty blue sky with a couple clouds here and there. Greg and I were able to stand back and let them run around and chase each other around on the beach. We shared some reflection together upon watching our big boys!

They LOVED the waves... especially when we put their life jackets on and we'd go out deep where they couldn't touch and they'd float/ride the waves! They stayed in the water oodles longer than I've ever seen them stay in the pool. We even watched dolphins swimming around. Too far for the boys to get it, but we enjoyed their little show (even if it was just one jump and the rest was dorsal fin spotting!).

Too bad our camera was foggy... but cute pic nonetheless!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have I told you lately that I'm insane??

Ha! We're proud to announce that the H Family Road Trip is being released twice this year. First was our summer one and now soon will be our H Family Fall Road Trip 2010!

Hang on to your hats we're going to be gone an entire month this time! Yow-za!

Why would I even contemplate this??? I swore when I crossed back into Texas on July 1st that I wouldn't be leaving for 3 more years!

We have reason to be back in the same vicinity of the midwest with about a 3 week span of each trip. If we flew it would just be $$$$ if we drove it would also be lots of $$$. BUT, if we drove up, and then the boys and I (and the dog!) stay while Greg flies home and comes back in 3 weeks... well, it's alot more bearable. Although, just in thinking about it I starting thinking... I'll miss my bed, my fridge, my washer & dryer, my patio, my kitchen, my shower....

With all that we knew if we stayed the month or not, there was no going back for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. Bummer. So a month's stay will hopefully help alleviate some of that bummer-ness... and we're exctied about having our first Christmas HERE. Jake is at that age now where he's going to be really stoked about it! He's already mentioning Santa!

Greg will be there for our first week there while he does some stuff with work and his alma mater. Then the 2nd week we're there we'll head to Chicago to visit Greg's fam. Then we'll go back to my hometown, have Halloween there (it was really bizzarre doing Halloween here last year, it was WAY too hot!). Then Greg will be back for that following week as we go to his Gma's 90th on our way back home to Texas! Somewhere in all that I have a couple people to try to meet up with, and little random side trips/visits along the way! Whew!

We'll be home a few months, then we'll have the H Family Winter/Spring Road Trip of 2011 in February as we trek across the entire state of Texas to have a mini reunion of sorts in Arizona with my dad's side of the family! The kids really are good travelers, much more than I probably give them credit for. If they weren't, this all wouldn't be possible!

Yep, I'm insane! ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well THAT wasn't how I pictured our holiday weekend

Friday morning I woke up feeling downright terrible. BUT, I don't get sick days, I just had to keep on moving. It was raining buckets and we went to an indoor playground. It almost wasn't worth the trip, the entire time instead of playing Jake was constantly badgering me about wanting a snack (they just had one before we left) or getting lunch (there was no food allowed in the place). I was so sore, my lower back was killing me and I felt like I couldn't move.

Then that night we went swimming. Just Jake & I at a neighbors pool. It was a lot of fun for him to get to play with big kids in the pool. I could not get comfortable when I was there, my back was still killing me. I got home and started having the chills like I had a fever. I crawled into bed at 8:30pm... couldn't sleep I was in so much pain but finally nodded off hours later.

Woke up Saturday feeling better. My lower back STILL hurt, but I felt marginally better so off to the zoo we went. Even stopped to brunch at Denny's for some yummy pancakes!

Then it just got worse. Off to urgent care I went. Anyone that knows me, knows I don't rush off to the docs... EVER. But it was just that bad. Well, I had a kidney infection and a fever of 104. I got a shot in the rump and sent home with orders that if that fever did not come down and stay down or if the pain got worse I was to go to the hospital. Fun. Got the fever down. Battled it off and on all day Sunday. Then I started getting a sore throat... you've got to be kidding me. I had to go back on Monday anyway (due to the holiday couldn't follow up with my doc yet)... the kidney infection was getting better but a have a massive cold and sore throat. So 4 scripts later, here I am. I'm starting to feel human again, and no longer have pain, but man oh man am I exhausted!

Definitely NOT how I expected to spend our long weekend together :(

Saturday, September 4, 2010

There are signs everywhere

Remember that movie, Fools Rush In? A big part of the film is that no matter your religion or faith, there are signs everywhere.

That being said, this is going to be a WAY different post from what I normally do. I just feel compelled to put it out there and this blog is a catchall of various things anyway! Please bear with me if you don't mind and have a few moments. This took a lot of time & reflection for me to organize and put forth.

Sometimes the sight, finding, or presence of a certain animal, insect or bird can be seen as messages. Of course it depends on what you're experiencing or going through at that moment. Birds especially are seen as messengers of reminders to help achieve full realization, pay attention to intuition/aspirations/beauty/transcendence, creative imagination and to most importantly "rise above our circumstances.

Lately I've been feeling the universe is trying to tell me something... what's it trying to tell me? I'm going to show a pic, then tell about my interaction then give the interpretations that I found in my research via books and occasionally online. These messages are really resonating with me. Thank you birdies!

First, the Mockingbird, this one took me forever to identify but I see it all the time. It's always getting my attention out of the corner of my eye and built a nest in the front yard.

Mockingbirds are about finding your scared song (your souls purpose) and recognition of your innate abilities. They can teach about the power of your song & voice and if it's the time to learn to sing accordingly. Realization of your inner talents to help find life more rewarding & significant. It's a courageous bird, and fiercely defends it's nest. "Follow Your Own Path"

We spend a lot of time outdoors on walks. I could almost swear these crows follow us sometime from the treetops demanding my attention.

Crows are calling for you to use magic (not hocus-pocus - but wonder) in your own life, to remind you that creation and magic is alive within our world everyday and available to us. The Crow has the unique ability to outwit other birds, animals and even humans sometimes, and they make for themselves a wonderful living. "The Secret Magic of Creation is Calling"

I see cardinals more than when I ever lived in Indiana or Illinois (both those states bird) and it's one of the only other bigger birds that regularly visit us. I love them for their flash of color. We all know what a cardinal looks like, but I choose to picture the female here for a little girl/mama power ;)

The cardinal can remind us of many things... to be careful of our diet, to be sure to listen more closely, to assert aspects of creativity & intuition more strongly, and pay attention to the task at hand. Most important message it brings is to remind us that regardless of when, we always have the opportunity to renew our on vitality! Cardinals brigthen the environment. They catch the eye and add color to our lives. When they appear, they do so to remind us to become like them. Add color to your life, and remember that everything you do is of importance. "Renewed Vitality through Recognizing Self-Importance"

I've fallen in love with these little birdies. They're my new "goldfinches". Up in IL I had a ton of goldfinches, tons! I loved it! Now I haven't seen one in almost 2 years... except a dead one at the grocery store parking lot last weekend (which made me really sad). Anyway, these brave cute little birds are always flitting in and out whenever I'm outside. They always makes me smile. I've never seen so many as I currently do.

The chickadee makes themselves known to... awaken understanding & higher truths, perceive more clearly, and help pinpoint truth and knowledge. It sends the message that when we're balanced, there is a greater realization of truth in our world around. Learn to express the truth in a manner that heals, balances, and open the perceptions. "Cheerful and Truthful Expression"

The bluebird. Quite simply when I see a bluebird it makes me content. The bluebird always seems to arrive when I'm just looking out the window sort of zoning out possibly looking for some peace or revelation. I adore their presence so much I got a nest box for them. Didn't get any takers, but many checked it out and built nests the last 6 mths. Maybe they'll nest if I learn what they're trying to tell me?

Bluebird carries messages along the lines of reminding that... sometimes we get so lost & wrapped up in everyday events that our happiness & fulfillment seems rare; to take time to enjoy yourself. It asks you the questions... are you trying to shoulder too much responsibility? are you in the midst of a transformation?

Most of all it tells us to look for opportunities to touch the joyful & intrinsically native aspects of yourself that you may have lost. "Modesty, Unassuming Confidence, and Happiness"

Last but not least we have the Hummingbird. Who doesn't love seeing a hummingbird? I've been trying to attract them for YEARS with no success. Even when I'd be places that people tell me they always get hummingbirds, I'd never see one. Well, I do now! I love it, they make me want to get up and do something.

When the hummingbird visits it's to remind.... to restore balance & health; find joy in what we do; to be fiercely independent & revel in our freedom; create joy within our home: and to get regular deep sleep & rest as to not burn out. Main message is to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances (pretty deep for such a little bird!)."Tireless Joy & the Nectar of Life"

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last night I hosted Bunco with the neighbor ladies on my street! It almost took me an entire month to get ready and it quite literally took me 48 hours leading up to it! But it was a success! It was a really nice time and I was happy with myself how stuff came together. I was fretted a bit (I'll admit!). I've always had a little Martha inside me, but it's always been hard getting her to come out. So this was sorta my "Martha" debut, ha ha! We didn't host things or entertain in IL, but we sure have here! It's starting to become a very normal thing!

Each hostess has a theme, like hearts/pink for Feb, shamrocks/green for March, Luau in April, Cinco De Mayo in May, summery/red in June, 4th of July, etc.... so I picked Sunflowers for Sept. While up north it'd be manageable to ease into fall this early (but even I waited until Sept 15th). Down here it's still in the 90's! I thought sunflowers would be a good way to bridge the late summer/early fall gap! Good thing too, I was feeling a bit down & stressed and once I bought the bouquet of sunflowers they definitely put some pep in my step.

I made shredded italian beef to put on baked rolls, Pasta & Veggies salad, Corn pudding casserole, veggies & dip, crackers, apple slices & caramel dip and for dessert my Chocolate Bundt Cake!

I laughed at myself, I wore an apron all day because I went ahead and got ready but of course didn't want to get dirty ;) I need a different apron, I need a cool/vintage yet modern apron! Guess this is yet another sewing project to add to my list (and yah, the sewing isn't going "sew" great but that's another post for another time).

The tour went great, I felt like while the house isn't done or perfect by anymeans, I think people appreciated it. The food was eaten. We played and had lots of laughs and fun. Everyone enjoyed their prizes at the end (that I also matched to the sunflower theme!).

Here are some pics!

Seriously, I'm no photographer but are these flowers just beautiful???

My Chocolate Bundt cake, with a fake sunflower ;)

Some of the spread...

Supplies for drunko, I mean bunco! ha!

Had to set up the card table in the living room for table #3

The prizes! We each do a $5 buy in each time, it goes to the money for the hostess to buy prizes. This time Most Bunko's won a great fall/sunflower platter/plate. Most Wins won a "Harvest Blessings" white decor pumpkin that had sunflowers on it. 2nd Most Wins won a Sunflower scented candle. Traveling Bunko (whoever ends the game with the little bunko guy) won sunflower wine glass charms. Most Losses (what I usually win, but not this time) won Sunflower Hand Lotion. Taa-da!

The only fail was that I forgot to put out the snack bowls on the tables! I did them the night before with m&m's and nuts. I knew Jake would flip if he saw them so I put them on top on the fridge. Now looking back I recall I was walking to get them when the first two people arrive... didn't remember until after everyone left! Oops! Guess that's why everyone ate all the apples & caramel and most of the cake! My bad!