Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last night I hosted Bunco with the neighbor ladies on my street! It almost took me an entire month to get ready and it quite literally took me 48 hours leading up to it! But it was a success! It was a really nice time and I was happy with myself how stuff came together. I was fretted a bit (I'll admit!). I've always had a little Martha inside me, but it's always been hard getting her to come out. So this was sorta my "Martha" debut, ha ha! We didn't host things or entertain in IL, but we sure have here! It's starting to become a very normal thing!

Each hostess has a theme, like hearts/pink for Feb, shamrocks/green for March, Luau in April, Cinco De Mayo in May, summery/red in June, 4th of July, etc.... so I picked Sunflowers for Sept. While up north it'd be manageable to ease into fall this early (but even I waited until Sept 15th). Down here it's still in the 90's! I thought sunflowers would be a good way to bridge the late summer/early fall gap! Good thing too, I was feeling a bit down & stressed and once I bought the bouquet of sunflowers they definitely put some pep in my step.

I made shredded italian beef to put on baked rolls, Pasta & Veggies salad, Corn pudding casserole, veggies & dip, crackers, apple slices & caramel dip and for dessert my Chocolate Bundt Cake!

I laughed at myself, I wore an apron all day because I went ahead and got ready but of course didn't want to get dirty ;) I need a different apron, I need a cool/vintage yet modern apron! Guess this is yet another sewing project to add to my list (and yah, the sewing isn't going "sew" great but that's another post for another time).

The tour went great, I felt like while the house isn't done or perfect by anymeans, I think people appreciated it. The food was eaten. We played and had lots of laughs and fun. Everyone enjoyed their prizes at the end (that I also matched to the sunflower theme!).

Here are some pics!

Seriously, I'm no photographer but are these flowers just beautiful???

My Chocolate Bundt cake, with a fake sunflower ;)

Some of the spread...

Supplies for drunko, I mean bunco! ha!

Had to set up the card table in the living room for table #3

The prizes! We each do a $5 buy in each time, it goes to the money for the hostess to buy prizes. This time Most Bunko's won a great fall/sunflower platter/plate. Most Wins won a "Harvest Blessings" white decor pumpkin that had sunflowers on it. 2nd Most Wins won a Sunflower scented candle. Traveling Bunko (whoever ends the game with the little bunko guy) won sunflower wine glass charms. Most Losses (what I usually win, but not this time) won Sunflower Hand Lotion. Taa-da!

The only fail was that I forgot to put out the snack bowls on the tables! I did them the night before with m&m's and nuts. I knew Jake would flip if he saw them so I put them on top on the fridge. Now looking back I recall I was walking to get them when the first two people arrive... didn't remember until after everyone left! Oops! Guess that's why everyone ate all the apples & caramel and most of the cake! My bad!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, love the sunflowers. Glad it went so well and don't worry, there is always something forgotten! :) Hope your "pep" sticks around!

shelley c. said...

Wow - you did such a great job!!!

Ayelet said...

LOVE the sunflower theme! I might have to steal it for when I host my new bunco group next month. They do themes too (which my old group didn't do) so I am watching you for more ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Awe ~ good ole bunco! I would hate to think about how many games of bunco I have a group with friends who have played together off and on for almost 30 years.

When we were young like you; we each cooked ourselve silly so that we all enjoyed the latest recipes, etc. Next we gave up on the presents and gave cash for the prizes. Next we went down to dessert and drinks instead of meals. Then we went through a time of not playing any games; just get together and drink and visit. Now we get together at restaurants whenever the mood hits us. And of course see everyone at the graduations, weddings, grandshildresn baby showers, parents, funerals, etc. This is the true cycle of life. Aunt J