Friday, September 24, 2010

Can you see what I see?

Here are some items that I "shopped around the house for" and 2 of which were leftover after the yardsale and I was like "eureka! why didn't I think of that before??" It's a big deep tray, a really teeny tray, a candle base, and a ceramic cabbage container thing (I just googled it and found it's a "tureen" and actually selling for $50!).

Here's the plan thus far:

Big tray: will probably be painted black to either go in the living room on whatever coffee table we finally acquire OR maybe on the dining room table as a base for a centerpiece display of some sort.

Tiny tray (yardsale take-back): use as a change/pocket leftovers tray in the laundry room. I primed it yesterday... that palm tree will NOT dissappear! Then I'll paint it whatever accent color seems good once the laundry room makeover is well on it's way. Right now I waiver between yellow, aqua or white. Greg offered to paint the laundry room and coat closet while the boys and I are gone, isn't that awesome!?

The blue candle base (it was another post yardsale take-back): I'm going to paint it black or bronze and use it as a cloche base. Cloches are the old becoming new and lately are becoming all the rage. Check this out. I happen to have a cheese dome lid that fits perfectly over it!

The cabbage: In it's own way it's really cool! I'm envisioning it painted white and sitting on my kitchen counter! Here's my really quick ideation board that I came up with:

Can you see what I see??? Stay Tuned!

(and when I say stay tuned, remember in 2 weeks we'll be gone for a month so all projects will be put on hold until we get back! yay for visiting family! boo for hold ups on my projects, I'm slow enough as it is!)

P.S. Have you noticed a new layout "look" to the blog? I've made some changes here and there. I want to start linking up to some home decor linky parties later in the year, so I had to make a few changes. I added an about me section along with a home stuff, and a crafts & treats (up top)... linking to my previous posts in those areas. Worried you won't still hear about the boys or I'll let design get to my brain.. never! I love to ramble about anything and everything! You'll still be hearing about and seeing them ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi T, Love all your ideas! Good luck with all your projects. Love, Aunt J

Anna @ Take the Side Street said...

Ooh, white painted cabbage -- I heart white stuff! Thanks for the comment about my plaster garland, by the way! You already sound waaaay more creative than me, by the way ;)

Tys said...

Yes I'm obviously having white vegatation/vegetables love ;) Thanks so much for stopping by Anna!