Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have I told you lately that I'm insane??

Ha! We're proud to announce that the H Family Road Trip is being released twice this year. First was our summer one and now soon will be our H Family Fall Road Trip 2010!

Hang on to your hats we're going to be gone an entire month this time! Yow-za!

Why would I even contemplate this??? I swore when I crossed back into Texas on July 1st that I wouldn't be leaving for 3 more years!

We have reason to be back in the same vicinity of the midwest with about a 3 week span of each trip. If we flew it would just be $$$$ if we drove it would also be lots of $$$. BUT, if we drove up, and then the boys and I (and the dog!) stay while Greg flies home and comes back in 3 weeks... well, it's alot more bearable. Although, just in thinking about it I starting thinking... I'll miss my bed, my fridge, my washer & dryer, my patio, my kitchen, my shower....

With all that we knew if we stayed the month or not, there was no going back for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. Bummer. So a month's stay will hopefully help alleviate some of that bummer-ness... and we're exctied about having our first Christmas HERE. Jake is at that age now where he's going to be really stoked about it! He's already mentioning Santa!

Greg will be there for our first week there while he does some stuff with work and his alma mater. Then the 2nd week we're there we'll head to Chicago to visit Greg's fam. Then we'll go back to my hometown, have Halloween there (it was really bizzarre doing Halloween here last year, it was WAY too hot!). Then Greg will be back for that following week as we go to his Gma's 90th on our way back home to Texas! Somewhere in all that I have a couple people to try to meet up with, and little random side trips/visits along the way! Whew!

We'll be home a few months, then we'll have the H Family Winter/Spring Road Trip of 2011 in February as we trek across the entire state of Texas to have a mini reunion of sorts in Arizona with my dad's side of the family! The kids really are good travelers, much more than I probably give them credit for. If they weren't, this all wouldn't be possible!

Yep, I'm insane! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi T, Ha - Ha ~ you're not insane! Enjoy your Fall road trip. I'm so looking forward to seeing you and your family in February. I'm usually at Grandpa Slater's for his birthday which is Feb 23rd. Have you planned the dates for your 2011 road trip yet? I can be flexible as I want to make sure I hook up with you guys. Love, Aunt J

Tys said...

I can't get into my email right now (surprise!) but wanted to tell you that we're looking at being there the week of his bday. Getting there on a Monday evening, leaving early Thurs morning. Talk to ya later when I have email access again!