Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So I've had quite the pep in my step lately... just happy & content. Especially with all my little projects going on... maybe I'm just high on paint fumes! HA! But I'm loving spray painting and repurposing things!

My baby has been the cabbage. It's been quite a process and this morning I was just about to declare it done. It slipped out of my hands and while I caught it, it scraped the top edges along the patio. Off is all the paint, the green is peeking through and the paint job all around it is all rough and jagged.

I'm probably dissportionately sad. But it was DONE and looked awesome and now.... blah! It's gonna take more time and I suspect it's never going to be perfect. Which would be okay if it was on the side, or bottom... I could arrange it just so... but this is right on top and on 3 "leaf points" that stick up.

On a good note, the big deep tray painted black has turned out great and so as the candle base turned cloche base. Right now, I'm just mourning the white cabbage. This white cabbage has inspired me so and since it was my first "project" I was even calling my "design services company" (for myself by myself in my own mind) "The White Cabbage"... yah... sigh....

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